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Your Daily Dracula – Toons With Fangs (animated Dracula bites)

Toons With Fangs (animated Dracula bites).

Adventure Time: Stakes (2015), Billy Brown as the Vampire King

AE_Project_Dracula (2018)

The Amazing Andrenalini Brothers: Fangs of Horror (2006)

American Dad: Enter Stanman (2019), Dee Bradley Baker as Stanferatu

 Animaniacs, Draculee, Draculaa (1993), Dan Castallaneta as Dracula.

Animated Versus: Batman vs Dracula (2010).

Baby Lily Dresses Up as Dracula’s Daughter (2018)

The Baskervilles (1999)

Ben 10: Ominverse: The Vampire Strikes Back (2014) David Kaye as Lord Transyl

Breakfast for Dracula (2021)


Your Daily Dracula – Bruce Lee vs Dracula (2020)

Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit (1982)

Bunnicula (2016-18) Chris Kattan as Bunnicula.

Captain N The Game Master (1989-91) Garry Chalk

Here’s ‘Return to Castlevania’, an episode which highlights Dracula and his teenage son Alucard.

Cars 2 (2011) Larry the Cable Guy as Tow Mater as ‘a monster truck’

… and here, for completism’s sake, are incarnations of Dracula from other corners of the Pixar Cars universe- Count Spatula, EvilMcQueen and Lego Tow Mater as Dracula.

Centurions: Night on Terror Mountain (1986)

El Condesito Dracula (2019)

Corpse Talk: Mummy vs Monster vs Vampire (2022)

Count Duckula (1988-93) David Jason as Duckula.

Cuentos Cortos Para Dormir Niños En Español (2021)

Daffy Duck & Porky Pig Meet The Groovie Goolies (1972) Larry Storch as Dracula

Danny Phantom (2004-2007) Martin Mull as ‘Vlad Plasmius’

Darkstalkers ‘Darkest Before the Dawn’ (1995) NB: Michael Donovan — who also plays Dracula’s nephew, Lord Demitri Maximoff