Silver Nails

Silver Nails

UK: Black Library, 2002; PB. ISBN: 0743443209.Add to Goodreads
UK: Black Library, 2019; PB. ISBN-10: 1784969095 ISBN-13: 978-1784969097

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The Vampire Genevieve #4

Not all heroes in the Empire are what you’d call good… discover the murky world of such notable figures as Harald Kleindeist, Detlef Sierck and the vampire Genevieve in a collection of creepy short stories.

Table of Contents:

  • ‘The Ignorant Armies’ (from The Ignorant Armies)
  • ‘Red Thirst’ (from Red Thirst)
  • ‘No Gold in the Grey Mountains’ (from Wolf Riders)
  • ‘Warhawk’ (written at the time but not published; newly revised)
  • ‘The Ibby the Fish Factor’ (a new Genevieve story).


A huge poster outside the Temple of Morr showed fearless vampire-slayer Antiochus Bland holding up an annoyed-looking, enormously-fanged and red-eyed severed head in triumph. A banner-line read ‘Death to the Dead!’ and an engraving which was supposed to look like spontaneous graffiti declared ‘ashes or under the ground!’ A stuffed black bat plaything with big red eyes and comical teeth was impaled against a board with a wooden spike, red paint splashed around the heart-wound, with dribbles artfully swirled to spell out ‘rule one: no leeches!’

from ‘The Ibby the Fish Factor’

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