The Vampire Genevieve

Vampire Genevieve

The Vampire Genevieve

UK: Black Library, 2005; PB. ISBN: 1844162443.Add to Goodreads
USA: Black Library; Book Club edition, 2005; HB. ISBN: 0739468014

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The Vampire Genevieve #1 – 4

This omnibus edition contains the article, ‘An Introduction to the Vampire Genevieve‘, available to read on this site.

Meet Genevieve Dieudonné. She’s beautiful, powerful, resourceful and courageous – and over four hundred years old. In the dark forests and cities of the Warhammer world, she and her unlikely companions battle the forces of evil and insanity. However, the vampire blood running through Genevieve’s veins means she must constantly fight the urge to surrender to the evil within her.

The Vampire Genevieve collects together all the tales of Genevieve and her unlikely companions into one volume: the three novels Drachenfels, Genevieve Undead, Beasts in Velvet, and the short story collection Silver Nails.


The bloodsucker told him her name. All of it. Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné.

“Yes,”she said at his involuntary start of recognition, “that one.”

“The vampire in the songs of Brave Oswald?”

She nodded in irritated confirmation.

“You killed Drachenfels.”

“No, I was there, though. Unconscious. I missed the big battle.”

from ‘Red Thirst’

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