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Unland 2 is out

Unland 2 is out

Issue 2 of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland has been published by Dark Horse Comics. Continue reading

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  • Happy 200th Birthday, J. Sheridan LeFanu … Tweeted 3 hours ago
  • #edq ‘Tell me what kindof a woman you think it is you love because I’m not the kind who’ll standby & let her man go off to be killed alone.’ Tweeted 7 hours ago
  • #edq ‘You’re a journalist, Jack. When you’re a revolutionary, we’ll discuss priorities … and it won’t be over coffee.’ Reds Tweeted 7 hours ago
  • #edq ‘If I start making out with the guys around her just send me to military school or something.’ Runaway Daughters Tweeted 7 hours ago
  • #edq 'Hey are you sure I can't talk you out of this insanity?' 'I really wish you could.' Earthquake Tweeted 7 hours ago
  • #edq ‘Listen, as long as I have some blood left in my veins, I will always fight slavery and oppression. Remember this.’ Outlaw of Gor Tweeted 7 hours ago
  • Here's a sweet short by 'the talented Kim Newman', ie: not me Tweeted 8 hours ago
  • #edq ‘I don’t have time for this.’ ‘You better make time – or else there won’t be a world for you and your daughter.’ Scorcher Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq 'I’d like to make a special appeal to the killer. Hasn’t there been enough senseless violence? Let’s have a murder that makes sense.' Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘I have one nerve left, Savannah, and you’re on it.’ Return to Two Moon Junction Tweeted 1 day ago

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