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Unland 2 is out

Unland 2 is out

Issue 2 of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland has been published by Dark Horse Comics. Continue reading

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  • #edq ‘Now, please, face forward and say “I will dance with the golden toad”.’ 13 Sins Tweeted 3 hours ago
  • #edq 'That's close. Nice driving for a marine biologist.' Poseidon Rex Tweeted 3 hours ago
  • #edq ‘This would explain the legendary magnetic forces of the Bermuda Triangle, sir.’ Bermuda Tentacles Tweeted 3 hours ago
  • #edq 'How do you know so much about the moon?' 'I spend a lot of time looking at it while you're away.' Hellcats of the Navy Tweeted 3 hours ago
  • #edq ‘I’m not in the mood for clever quotations from Gautier.’ The Private Affairs of Bel Ami Tweeted 3 hours ago
  • #edq ‘These are dinosaur footprints, I think. Look at the eggs – we’ve got to take one back to the lab.’ Poseidon Rex Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘Mom,why am I not a zombie?’ Falls the Shadow Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘You opened the gate, bitch – now let me show you what happens to a sorority slut who dabbles in witchcraft.’ Demon Legacy Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘Dr Zimmern, how long did it take that tentacle to regenerate in your experiments?’ Bermuda Tentacles Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘That’s one strange dude. Who is he?’ ‘One strange dude.’ Blacula Tweeted 1 day ago

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