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An English Ghost Story arrives

An English Ghost Story arrives

Kim’s new novel, An English Ghost Story, is available to buy now. Continue reading

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  • #edq ‘Atomic explosions look like mushrooms, but I don’t want to put them on my pizza.’ Zodiac Signs of the Apocalypse Tweeted 6 minutes ago
  • #edq 'You think I'm going to sit here waiting for some murdering swine to come and get me? Start packing right away.' The Mummy's Shroud Tweeted 7 minutes ago
  • #edq ‘What kind of a chance do you think a brainwashed psycho like you would have of convincing anyone of anything?’ The Fearmakers Tweeted 7 minutes ago
  • My Quatermass and the Pit cover showcased at the @BFI science fiction launch last night. Tweeted 8 minutes ago
  • RT @BFI: Revealed! Watch the new trailer for Stanley Kubrick's breathtaking 2001: A Space Odyssey… #BFISciFi Tweeted 19 hours ago
  • Teacher fired for appearing in Jesus Franco films… Tweeted 23 hours ago
  • #edq ‘Tell me one thing. How can I make any friends at this new school if the secret servicemen won’t let me have any fights?’ Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq 'People are scared. To them the name Frankenstein is 6 leagues below Satan himself &they don’t care who’s wearing it.' LadyFrankenstein Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘I don’t like most cops I know either, but who else would put their lives on the line at these prices?’ The Marcus-Nelson Murders Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘Why did I, who have spent my life treating diseases of the eye, get glaucoma?’ Midnight Crossing Tweeted 1 day ago

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