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The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

Book tickets here – get in there fast, before they sell out like last time!

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  • My Empire review of The Survivalist is online.
  • Ten Must-See Movies Streaming at TheHorrorShowTV ...
  • We are delighted to announce the cast of The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, which will run at the Tristan Bates Theatre from the 7th to the 19th of March.  Our hostess is the legendary Jenny Runacre ... who has worked with Cassavetes, Pasolini, Antonioni, Ridley Scott, Freddie Francis, Tony Richardson, Derek Jarman and now Sean Hogan.  Our Monsters are ... Claire Louise Amias as the Vampire, Jamie Birkett as the Broken Doll, Billy Clarke as the Frankenstein Monster, Jonathan Rigby as the Devil and James Swanton as the Ghost, with Grace Ker as the Ticket Inspector.  The play is written by Christopher Fowler, Stephen Gallagher, Sean Hogan, Kim Newman, Lynda E. Rucker, Robert Shearman and Lisa Tuttle.  It's a Bad Bat Production, produced by Ellen Gallagher and Steve Jordan.  Book your tickets here. (more…)
  • My Screen Daily review of Rob Zombie's latest film 31 is online.
  • My Screen Daily review of new horror film Antibirth is online.
  • My Empire review of The Assassin is online.
  • My notes on Quentin Tarantino's new film.  NB: contains some spoilers. (more…)
  • Room (2015) (more…)
  • My notes - mildly spoilery for the seven people out there who haven't seen it - on the franchise reboot. (more…)
  • My Empire review of Krampus is online.  Here's the trailer.
  • My Empire review of the 2000AD documentary Future Shock is online.
  • My Empire review of The Hallow is online.
  • I've had a few requests from readers of The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School for pointers about where characters have appeared before or will appear again ... once you've read the book, here are some places you can look for more.  In An English Ghost Story, the previous owner of the haunted house is Louise Magellan Teazle, who is supposed to have written a series of girls' school books set at Drearcliff Grange.  Lydia Inchfawn appears, in a different universe, in 'Vampire Romance: Anno Dracula 1923', available in the Titan Books edition of The Bloody Red Baron.  Janice Marsh appears in the short stories 'The Big Fish' and 'Another Fish Story'.  Violet Borrodale appears in 'Richard Riddle, Boy Detective in "The Case of the French Spy"'.  Catriona Kaye, the Splendid Six, Dr Shade, Amanda Thomsett (Kentish Glory), the Mausoleum and a few others appear in the novellas 'Clubland Heroes' and 'Sorcerer Conjurer Wizard Witch'.  All these stories are in the three OOP Diogenes Club collections published by MonkeyBrain, which will be republished in the next year or so by Titan.  Additionally, Catriona Kaye and Dr Shade pop up in a whole bunch of other stories and novels.  This illustration, by the way, is an earlier Martin Stiff cover design for the book.
  • My brief Empire review of the franchise entry Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension is online.
  • ... here's a recording of a chat about ghost storiess I had with Audrey Niffenegger and Jeremy Dyson, chaired by John Mullan.
  • Ten selections from Network Distributing's British Film Collection suitable for Hallowe'en.
  • ... on Hallowe’en, I shall be signing books at Forbidden Planet from 3-5, along with many others … be sure to tune in to Radio4 Extra’s Valentine Dyall tribute, hosted by Jonathan Rigby, which features me talking radio horror (if you miss it, it’ll be on the BBC iPlayer for a while) … and on the afternoon of November 1st, I’m introducting a Hallowe’en Hangover double-bill of very rare 1970s UK creepy TV shows at 2.30 in the Cellar Door Club Aldwych.
  • As you know, my latest novel The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange is now out from Titan Books.  I assume you’ve all bought it.  However, it beehooves me to point out that I have contributed to several other books which are published in time for Halloween. (more…)
  • On Sunday November the 1st, I'm hosting an intimate post-Hallowe'en screening of two rare 1970s BBC-TV horror items at the Cellar Door Club in Aldwych. Tickets available here.  On the bill is the Terry Nation-scripted supernatural detective pilot The Incredible Robert Baldick: Never Come Night (1972), with Robert Hardy as an Edwardian psychic investigator who should have got his own series, and John Bowen's Play for Today 'A Photograph' (1977), a sequel to his well-remembered Robin Redbreast (a BFI Flipside release).
  • My notes on Charlie Lyne's essay-documentary Fear Itself, which is available on the BBC I-player. (more…)
  • My Empire review of Spectre is online.  And so is my entirely different Sight & Sound review of Spectre.
  • My Sight & Sound review of Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak is online.
  • My notes on Alejandro Amenábar's new film.  NB: slightly spoilery. (more…)
  • My brief Empire review of Howl is online.  An extended cut is available here ...
  • I've written a piece for The Guardian Guide about the history of gothic cinema.
  • My notes on Ridley Scott's new science fiction film.  NB: this discusses some plot developments you might prefer not to hear about going in - though it's a mainstream feelgood Hollywood movie, so don't expect it to end with Matt Damon dead on Mars. (more…)
  • I joined with Virginie Selavy and Anton Bitel to discuss this year's FrightFest for the Sight & Sound website.
  • I shall be introducing the splendid crime/horror crossover I Love a Mystery (1945) this Saturday at the Cinema Museum as part of their celebration of the Gothique Film Society.  It was the first film I saw at the Gothique, when I became a member back in 1977.  It's the sort of movie which features spinning newspaper headlines - PROMINENT SOCIALITE DECAPITATED - HEAD STILL MISSING!
  • Here are my notes on Roth's last two films ... both reworkings of vintage exploitation premises from the 1970s and '80s. (more…)
  • My brief Empire review of Abel Ferrara's Pasolini is online.  Here's an expanded version with more sex and violence ... (more…)
  • My brief Empire review of The Messenger is online.   (more…)
  • Here's an interview with me by Angela Slatter, in connection with 'Guignol', my novella in Stephen Jones's Horrorology anthology - which will also be part of my forthcoming braided novel Angels of Music, or: Phantom Ladies Over Paris.
  • ... rather, my Empire review of Everest - the film not the mountain, because that's a five-star mountain and no mistake - is online.
  • My Empire review of not-exactly serious Shakespeare biopic Bill is online, forsooth.
  • Corrado Farina's strange 1971 adaptation of Dracula, Hanno Cambiato Faccia, is screening this week at the Barbican, courtesy of Cigarette Burns Cinema.  Here are my notes on this fascinating rarity. (more…)
  • I've contributed to Neil Snowden's collection of writings about Nigel Kneale, We Are the Martians.  Due out soon.
  • The Nightmare (more…)
  • My notes on the new M. Night Shyamalan film.  . (more…)
  • I've written a piece on the 1942 British horror melodrama The Night Has Eyes for Network Releasing.
  • ... from Humble Bundle.   (more…)
  • My brief Empire review of Containment is online. (more…)
  • I've selected Celia from the Second Run back catalogue to appear in an ICA season celebrating the outstanding distributor of out-of-the-way cinema.
  • Justice League Gods and Monsters (more…)
  • I've written an appreciation of Hawk the Slayer for the Network site.
  • Legend (more…)
  • My brief Empire review of The Transporter Refuelled is online.
  • Night Fare (more…)
  • Curve (more…)
  • Geoff McCracken has written an in-depth article about the BBC's horror host - a character I helped create in 1992.
  • A Christmas Horror Story (more…)

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