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Bad Dreams Returns

Bad Dreams Returns

The reprint of Kim’s 1990 horror novel, Bad Dreams, is out from Titan Books. Continue reading

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  • I've written a piece on the British s-f films Invasion and Unearthly Stranger, available in Network's British Film Collection.
  • My Empire review of Monsters Dark Continent is online.
  • I shall be interviewed by Barry Forshaw at the Barbican Library on December 1st.  Do come ...
  • My 1990 horror novel Bad Dreams will shortly be reissued by Titan Books, with extras that include my hard-to-find novel Bloody Students (previously published as Orgy of the Blood Parasites, as by Jack Yeovil) and an afterword about how the books came to be written, explaining the involvement of Neil Gaiman, Phil Nutman, Stefan Jaworzyn, Norman J. Warren and Richard Gordon.  The cover is another splendid Martin Stiff/Amazing 15 creation. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK and Amazon US.  
  • I'll be chatting with screenwriter David McGillivray at the screening of Pete Walker's Catholic-themed shocker House of Mortal Sin at the Barbican this Saturday at 4.00.  
  • My brief Empire review of The Remaining is online.
  • Sterling work by Lee Moyer.
  • ... between me and Matthew O'Donoghue is posted at the Waterstones Blog.
  • ... is posted on the Dutch Girl in London site.
  • My Screen Daily review of Future Shock The Story of 2000AD is online.
  • My Empire review of The Vicious Brothers' Extraterrestrial is online.
  • I shall be signing An English Ghost Story and BFI Film Classics Quatermass and the Pit at 1.00 today at Forbidden Planet (London) as part of a large Hallowe'en signing.  Please come along ...
  • I'll be giving a talk about the great TV writer Nigel Kneale at the BFI Southbank this Sunday the 26th, after a showing of the rarely-screened 1965 production of his adaptation of 1984.  I'll also be signing copies of my BFI Film Classics book on Quatermass and the Pit.  Details here and here.  
  • I've contributed an essay on aliens ('Unearthly Strangers') to this book, edited by James Bell, which is published to tie in with the current BFI science fiction season.  It can be ordered from Amazon and the BFI online shop.
  • My Empire review of the outstanding Australian horror movie The Babadook is online.
  • ... by Lucy Walton-Lange is posted on Female First.
  • My Empire review of Annabelle is online.
  • My Screen Daily review of Monsters Dark Continent is online.
  • ... an article by me, up on Huffington Post.
  • ... posted on io9.
  • You can pre-order from London Forbidden Planet in advance of a mass Hallowe'en signing event I'm at on October 25th.  You can pre-order my BFI Quatermass and the Pit book at the same time!
  • ... here's the cover for the collected edition of the comic miniseries from Dark Horse.  The art is by Hellboy/Witchfinder creator Mike Mignola.  The book will be out next year.
  • ... is available via Dread Central.
  • My Screen Daily review of Dracula Untold is online.  And here's a shorter Dracula Untold notice for Empire.
  • My Empire review of The Equalizer is online.
  • My brief Empire review of Honeymoon is online.
  • I've contributed a piece on Let's Scare Jessica to Death to the Horror Favourites strand of the Love Horror site.
  • My new novel An English Ghost Story will be out in the UK from Titan on October 10th.
  • My book on Quatermass and the Pit will be published by Palgrave-Macmillan on October 31st.
  • My novella 'Angels of Music' appears in The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3, edited by Mike Chinn and published by Alchemy Press.  You can order it from
  • I'm introducing The Visitor at the Phoenix Cinema as part of the Scalarama season on Friday night and doing a Q&A after The Tenth Victim at the ICA in their Elio Petri season on Sunday evening.  So, I'm declaring it Eye-Popping Italian Science Fiction weekend.
  • ... up at The Alchemy Press, because my Phantom of the Opera/Charlie's Angels story 'Angels of Music' is reprinted in their Pulp Heroes 3.
  • ... here's a piece by me on the Guardian website about the author.
  • My Screen Daily review of White Settlers is online.

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  • RT @Peculiar: Maybe the death of London's old Soho isn't such a terrible thing. Here's why - Tweeted 20 hours ago
  • #edq ‘You slept with my daughter and then you came home and pretended to love me!’ Petals on the Wind Tweeted 20 hours ago
  • #edq ‘My dear Miss Frayle, if you’re going to scream, at least scream on the note.’ Dr Morelle Tweeted 20 hours ago
  • #edq ‘This is one of our best half-backs, training to be a dick.’ International Lady Tweeted 20 hours ago
  • #edq ‘That’s what they call an Etruscan.’ The Damned Don’t Cry Tweeted 20 hours ago
  • #edq ‘He didn’t have the courage to pierce the heart of a member of his own family even if he wasn’t human.’ Playgirls and the Vampire Tweeted 20 hours ago
  • Did Gotham really just reboot Marsha,Queen of Diamonds from the Adam West show? Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘It’s an outrage! You shold us a castle with a vampire in it!’ Uncle was a Vampire Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘A star is someone who spends half his life looking for stardom and the other half hiding behind dark glasses.’ The Versace Murder Tweeted 1 day ago
  • #edq ‘You made me kill Cynthia, whom I wanted to marry. You swine, I’ll kill you.’ Dr Morelle Tweeted 1 day ago

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