LIfe’s Lottery

LIfe’s Lottery

UK: Simon & Schuster, 1999; HB. ISBN: 0684840162Add to Goodreads
UK: Pocket Books, 2000; PB. ISBN: 0671015974
UK: Titan Books, 2014; PB. ISBN-10: 1781165564 ISBN-13: 978-1781165560

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A role-playing novel that reveals how small decisions can have monumental consequences. If you choose the right possibilities you may live a long happy life, or be immensely rich, or powerful, or win the lottery. If you make other choices you may become a murderer, die young, make every mistake possible, or make no impression on life at all.

The choice is yours.


“My friend, you have a choice. Of course, you have a choice. You can go this way or that. You can call heads or tails. you can have coffee or tea.

It’s that simple.”

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