Time and Relative

Time and Relative

Time and Relative

UK: Telos Publishing 2001; HB. ISBN: 1903889030.Add to Goodreads (Deluxe edition)
UK: Telos Publishing, 2001; HB. ISBN: 1903889022. (Standard edition)

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This was the first novella in a new Doctor Who series. Called Time and Relative; it features the Doctor and Susan, and is set before the start of the TV series itself.

The deluxe edition is a numbered limited edition publication that comes signed by Kim Newman, Bryan Talbot (artist of the full colour frontispiece), and BBC Books editor and popular Doctor Who novelist Justin Richards, who is supplying the foreword for the book. The standard edition is a plain hardback without any extra features.


“We’ve been in 1963 for five months, I think. It seems like five months. But anywhen we stay, it always seems like five months. You might not think it possible to have spent five months in 1963 when it’s only March, but that’d only go to show how hidebound you are by the chronological system of ordering time.

‘Continuity, bah!’ Grandfather said yesterday or the day after. ‘Doesn’t exist, child. Except in the minds of the cretinously literal, like the singlehearts who clutter up this planet. Trying to sort it all out will only tie you up in useless knots forever.’

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