Dead Travel Fast

Dead Travel Fast

Dead Travel Fast

USA: Dinoship, Inc., 2005, PB.Add to Goodreads
ISBN-10: 0972858539
ISBN-13: 978-0972858533

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The first American collection of Kim’s short stories.

Table of contents:

  • ‘A Drug on the Market’
  • ‘Tomorrow Town’
  • ‘The Original Dr Shade’
  • ‘Famous Monsters’
  • ‘Organ Donors’
  • ‘Going to Series’
  • ‘Angel Down Sussex’
  • ‘Dead Travel Fast’
  • ‘Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue’
  • ‘The Big Fish’


“De Ville was a black silhouette, fringed with bitter crimson. He seemd to look directly at the white hot iron, unaffected by the harsh glow that ruined others’ eyes. All Massingham knew about the Count that he was a foreign gentleman, with a great interest in railways.”

from Dead Travel Fast

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