Mysteries of the Diogenes Club

Mysteries of the Diogenes Club

Mysteries of the Diogenes Club

USA: MonkeyBrain Books, 2010, PB.Add to Goodreads
ISBN: 1-932265-30-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-932265-30-9

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From the 1860s to the present day, the Diogenes Club has been the least-known of Great Britain’s intelligence and law enforcement services. Founded by Sherlock Holmes’s cleverer brother Mycroft, the Club protects the realm – and this entire plane of existence – from occult menaces, threats born in other dimensions, magical perfidy and the Deep Dark Deadly Ones. In this collection, covering uncanny events from the late 19th Century to the 1970s, the files are opened, and select exploits of the Club’s greatest Assets are made available to the public, revealing the truth about fairies and fish-folk, national heroes and national horrors, diabolical masterminds and the Weather.

Kim Newman continues the series began in The Man From the Diogenes Club, revealing more of the secrets of the British Empire’s most secret service.

Table of contents:

  • ‘Sorcerer Conjurer Wizard Witch’
  • ‘Kentish Glory: The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School’
  • ‘Moon Moon Moon’ also in the Titan Books edition of The Man From the Diogenes Club
  • ‘Organ Donors’
  • ‘Seven Stars’


“A tall blonde about five years younger than Richard, Agent Gauge had a figure Hugh Hefner would get excited about and a don’t-mess-with-me stance which gave warning to the most octopus-handed Playboy subscriber. She had big grey-blue eyes and straight, mid-length hair with a pronounced widow’s peak. Her only flaw was a tiny question mark scar under her right eye-easy to cover with make-up, but she chose not to. She modelled a powder-blue trouser suit over a fawn blouse. Her wide belt, worn high, matched the blouse and was fastened with a large circular buckle. Her jacket, tailored to conceal a shoulder-holster, hung oddly because she wasn’t wearing a gun. That made her an American.”

from ‘Moon Moon Moon’

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