The Night Mayor

The Night Mayor

UK: Simon & Schuster, 1989; HB. ISBN: 0671697064Add to Goodreads
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1990; HB ISBN: 0881846422
UK: NEL, 1990; PB. ISBN: 0450524663
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1992; PB. ISBN: 0881847682
UK: Pocket Books, 1999; PB. ISBN: 0671010301
UK: Titan Books, 2015; PB. ISBN-10: 1781165661 ISBN-13: 978-1781165669

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Welcome to the City made from a dream. But this isn’t any dream; it is the dark and haunting nightmare of a killer. It is the near future and old-fashioned movies, or flatties , have been replaced by Dreams, virtual reality scenarios written by professional Dreamers. When infamous criminal Truro Daine escapes imprisonment, he flees into the City, an artificial world of his own creation, where he rules as the all-powerful Night Mayor.

Now, detective Dreamer Tom Tunney and Susan Bishopric, author of romance Dreams, must join forces to track him down. But how do you hunt the Night Mayor in a city populated by a dense crowd of strangely familiar characters, where it’s always two-thirty in the morning, shots never kill and the creator is omnipresent in every drop of falling rain…?


“She put a hand in her pocket and felt the grip of the weapon. Juliet had given her a few pointers, but indream Susan found her experience as Vanessa Vail somehow more confidence-building. Vanessa could shoot the eye out of a gnat at fifty paces. Susan hoped the skill would come back to her if it came to guns.”

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