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Anno Dracula 1895 Seven Days in Mayhem

Anno Dracula 1999 Daikaiju Mood Board

Here are some of the reference images I used for the new Anno Dracula novel, Anno Dracula 1999 Daikaiju – out now! Details here.

Richard Jeperson, by Paul McCaffrey

Here’s artist Paul McCaffrey’s interpretation of Richard Jeperson, the lead character of my books The Man From the Diogenes Club and Anno Dracula 1899 Daikaiju.

Cover reveal – Anno Dracula 1999 Daikaiju

Here’s the Martin Stiff cover for my next novel, due out from Titan this autumn.  It’s a hundred-years-later follow-up to Anno Dracula One Thousand Monsters, which you’ve still got time to read before the new book is published.

Drachenfels Interview

My first Warhammer novel, Drachenfels, is being reissued.  Here’s an interview with me looking back at my work as Jack Yeovil.