The Kim Newman Frequently Asked Questions

The usual answers to Kim’s most frequently asked questions.Kim poses with axe

Q: I’m a non-English language publisher: how can I secure translation rights to Kim Newman books or stories in my territory?

A: The foreign language rights to the bulk of Kim Newman’s fiction are handled by the Antony Harwood Literary Agency. The rights to Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the d’Urbervilles and An English Ghost Story are handled by Titan Books.

Q: I’m a filmmaker: how can I bid for the rights to make a movie (or TV show or other media adaptation) from one of Kim Newman’s novels or stories?

A: Please contact Kim Newman’s media agent, Emily Smith, at The Agency.

Q: I’m a TV/radio/film researcher/producer, and I’d like Kim Newman to appear in a documentary. How do I contact him?

A: Kim Newman’s media agent is Emily Smith at The Agency, and all queries should be directed there.

Q: Some Kim Newman books are out of print and command high prices as used books. Are there any plans for reprints?

A: Titan have picked up much of Kim’s backlist and have been reissuing them. JagoThe Quorum, Life’s LotteryThe Night Mayor, a compendium of Bad Dreams/Orgy of the Blood Parasites (under its original title Bloody Students) and The Man From the Diogenes Club have been published. Most of the reissues include additional short fiction and other bells and whistles. Yes, there are e-book and Audible editions.

Q: What’s the order of internal chronology for the Anno Dracula series?

A: There’s a handy guide here, but remember to read the novellas ‘Vampire Romance’ (in the Titan edition of The Bloody Red Baron), ‘Aquarius’ (in the Titan edition of Dracula Cha Cha Cha) and ‘The Chances of Anything Coming From Mars’ (in the 30th Anniversary edition of Anno Dracula).

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