Comeback Tour

Comeback Tour

London: Games Workshop Books, 1991; Trade PB. ISBN:1872372198Add to Goodreads
London: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852835656
UK: Black Flame, 2007; PB. ISBN-10: 1844164101 ISBN-13: 978-1844164103

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Dark Future #3

The King is still alive.

Elvis Presley might not be a Colonel in the US Army anymore, but he’s got a reputation as being one of the toughest independent Sanctioned Ops in the South.

Yet, can he prevent the world being destroyed (further) while fighting off the KKK, swamp mutants and voodoo priests?


He opened the door of his apartment, and stepped into the tiny hall. The first thing he saw was the only picture he had from the wild years before the army, a small framed photograph of him on stage, swivelling his hips, trying to keep hold a a guitar and a microphone at the same time. Behind him, you could see Bill Black twanging his bass. That had been when he and Bill and Scotty Moore were the Blue Moon Boys, doing the Louisiana Hayride show. Before it all got crazy, and the Original Colonel stepped in, and the music went weird…

Some said that Elvis Presley had gone to the Devil. Now the Op wasn’t so sure they hadn’t been right.

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