Beasts in Velvet

Beasts in Velvet

London: Games Workshop Books, 1991; Trade PB. ISBN: 1872372384Add to Goodreads
London: Boxtree Ltd., 1994; PB. ISBN: 0752209698
UK: Black Library, 2002; PB. ISBN: 1841542350
UK: Black Library, 2019; PB. ISBN-10: 1784968943 ISBN-13: 978-1784968946

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The Vampire Genevieve #3

Dark and terrible secrets may be found lurking within the cities of the Old World and the savage wilderness that surrounds them. Genevieve Dieudonné, vampire heroine of Drachenfels, battles to outwit adversaries both magical and mundane, human and beast, in this series of three linked novellas: Stage Blood, The Cold Stark House and Unicorn Ivory.

After her return from Drachenfels, Genevieve Dieudonne, the vampire femme fatale, embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery in which she must face monsters and magicians, intrigue and evil. Her journey takes her from the depths of an old theater to an accursed mansion under a deadly gothic spell, and finally to the hunt of a savage unicorn mare through haunted forests.


“Always, she had kept herself apart from the Truly dead, those vampires who preyed on the living for pleasure. She had listened to them enthuse about their sport and felt superior to the grave-grown things with their foul breath and red eyes, faces set in beat’s snarls, clinging to their coffins and catacombs by day, gliding on the winds by night in search of juicy necks, relishing the fear they cast about them like a shroud.”

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