Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters

UK: Pocket Books, 1995; PB.Add to Goodreads
ISBN-10: 0671853007
ISBN-13: 978-0671853006

With an introduction by Paul McAuley.

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Table of contents:

  • ‘The Big Fish’
  • ‘The Blitz Spirit’
  • ‘Famous Monsters’
  • ‘Out of the Night’
  • ‘When the Full Moon is Bright’
  • ‘The Pale Spirit People’
  • ‘The Pierce Arrow Stalled, And…’
  • ‘Pitbull Brittan’
  • ‘A Quarter to Three’
  • ‘Ratting’
  • ‘The Snow Sculptures of Xanadu’
  • ‘Three on a Match’
  • ‘Ubermensch!’
  • ‘Where the Bodies Are Buried’
  • ‘Where the Bodies Are Buried II: Sequel Hook’


I pushed the door and found myself in the temple’s waiting room. It was what I’d expected: subdued lighting, old but bad paintings, a few semi-pornographic statuettes, a strong smell of last night’s incense to cover the fish stink. It had as much religious atmosphere as a two-dollar bordello.

“Yoo-hoo,” I said, “Dagon calling…”

from “The Big Fish”

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