The Quorum

The Quorum

UK: Simon & Schuster, 1994; HB ISBN: 0671718525Add to Goodreads
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1994; HB ISBN: 0786701323
UK: Pocket Books, 1994; PB. ISBN: 0671852426
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1995; PB. ISBN: 0786702834
UK: Titan Books, 2013; ISBN-10: 1781165548 ISBN-13: 978-1781165546

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In 1961, Derek Leech emerges fully formed from the polluted Thames, destined to found a global media empire. In 1978, three ambitious young men strike a deal with Leech. They are offered wealth, glamour, and success, but a price must be paid. In 1994, Leech’s purpose moves to its conclusion, and as the men struggle, they realize the truth of the ultimate price.


“He opened his eyes; his first image was green murk, shadows filtering down. Before the murk, there was nothing. He was new-formed. Yet his mind was full: he had language, knowledge, purpose. He had a name: Leech.”

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