UK: Simon & Schuster, 1991; HB ISBN: 0671717251Add to Goodreads
UK: Grafton, 1992; PB. ISBN: 0586213678
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1993; HB. 0881848689
UK: Pocket Books, 1997; PB. 0671855808
UK: Titan Books, 2015; PB.

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Paul, a young academic composing a thesis about the end of the world, and his girlfriend Hazel, a potter, have come to the tiny English village of Alder for the summer. Their idea of a rural retreat gradually sours as the laws of nature begin to break down around them. The village, swollen by an annual rock festival of cataclysmic proportions, prepares to reap a harvest of horror.


“He straightened and walked towards the centre, the last of the flames nipping at his ankles, scorching the hair off his shins. He did not know where he was going.”

…but when he got there, Raphael was waiting.

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