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The Art of the B-Movie Poster

I’ve contributed an essay to The Art of the B-Movie Poster, edited by Adam Newell for Elephant Books.  It is a lovely thing, with words from Pete Tombs, Simon Sheridan, Stephen Jones  and others – and many, many gorgeous illustrations.  It can be ordered from Amazon.

What I have out this Hallowe’en …

As you know, my latest novel The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange is now out from Titan Books.  I assume you’ve all bought it.  However, it beehooves me to point out that I have contributed to several other books which are published in time for Halloween.

We Are the Martians

I’ve contributed to Neil Snowden’s collection of writings about Nigel Kneale, We Are the Martians.  Due out soon.

Ghastly Beyond Belief – available as an e-book …

… from Humble Bundle.  

Quatermass & the Pit unleashed

Out now: Kim’s study of the classic British SF film, Quatermass and the Pit. Continue reading