Route 666

Route 666

UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1994; PB. ISBN: 1852833688Add to Goodreads
UK: Black Flame, 2006; PB. ISBN-10: 184416327X ISBN-13: 978-1844163274

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Dark Future #4

The meteoric rise of evangelist Elder Nguyen Seth may seem like a ray of hope in the darkness of the poisoned wastelands of the USA. To US Cavalry trooper Leona Tyree, shepherding Seth and his Josephite followers to the ‘promised land’, the truth is a lot darker.

The book is a apocalyptic road movie, dark satire, and occult horror rolled into one.


Fish would sprout from trees and the sun would burn black. But first the blood ritual would be complete, the Dark Ones would walk the face of the Earth, the common mass of humanity would be cast down, the raging chaos would soak the red-soaked land. The battles would be joined, and the fires of ice would burn. The Age of Pettiness would be at an end, and the Great Days, the Last Days, would be upon them. It would be a glorious sunset, and an eternal night.

And the Summoner would have his reward.

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