By Jack Yeovil

Comeback TourComeback Tour

UK: Black Flame, 2007; PB. ISBN: 1844164101.
London: Games Workshop Books, 1991; Trade PB. ISBN:1872372198
London: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852835656

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The King is still alive.

Elvis Presley might not be a Colonel in the US Army anymore, but he’s got a reputation as being one of the toughest independent Sanctioned Ops in the South. Yet, can he prevent the world being destroyed (further) while fighting off the KKK, swamp mutants and voodoo priests?


He opened the door of his apartment, and stepped into the tiny hall. The first thing he saw was the only picture he had from the wild years before the army, a small framed photograph of him on stage, swivelling his hips, trying to keep hold a a guitar and a microphone at the same time. Behind him, you could see Bill Black twanging his bass. That had been when he and Bill and Scotty Moore were the Blue Moon Boys, doing the Louisiana Hayride show. Before it all got crazy, and the Original Colonel stepped in, and the music went weird…

Some said that Elvis Presley had gone to the Devil. Now the Op wasn’t so sure they hadn’t been right.

Krokodil TearsKrokodil Tears

UK: Black Flame, 2006; PB. ISBN: 1844163792.
UK: Games Workshop Books, 1990; Trade PB. ISBN:187237218x
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852835605

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Krokodil is an ex-juvenile delinquent turned-cyborg killer, who’s also the host of an extra-dimensional entity. Many people want her dead, so they’re sending three assassins: a Californian Op, a psychopathic killer, and Jibbenainosay, a creature from the Outer Darkness. What’s a gal to do?


Once she got her bearings, she could head for Dead Rat and get Doc Threadneedle to sort out her skullplates. Maybe she should invest in a few more elaborate bio-amendments. Her credit should be good.

Her wilderness years were over.

She wasn’t hallucinating any more, she knew. The voices were under control. She wouldn’t be seeing any dead women getting out of their rocking chairs. Things were clear again.

She smiled, and her heart beat away the seconds, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Route 666 Route 666

UK: Black Flame, 2006; PB. ISBN: 184416327X.
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1994; PB. ISBN: 1852833688

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The meteoric rise of evangelist Elder Nguyen Seth may seem like a ray of hope in the darkness of the poisoned wastelands of the USA. To US Cavalry trooper Leona Tyree, shepherding Seth and his Josephite followers to the ‘promised land’, the truth is a lot darker. The book is a apocalyptic road movie, dark satire, and occult horror rolled into one.


Fish would sprout from trees and the sun would burn black. But first the blood ritual would be complete, the Dark Ones would walk the face of the Earth, the common mass of humanity would be cast down, the raging chaos would soak the red-soaked land. The battles would be joined, and the fires of ice would burn. The Age of Pettiness would be at an end, and the Great Days, the Last Days, would be upon them. It would be a glorious sunset, and an eternal night.

And the Summoner would have his reward.

The Vampire GenevieveVampire Genevieve

UK: Black Library, 2005; PB. ISBN: 1844162443.
USA: Black Library; Book Club edition, 2005; HB. ISBN: 0739468014

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Meet Genevieve Dieudonné. She’s beautiful, powerful, resourceful and courageous – and over four hundred years old. In the dark forests and cities of the Warhammer world, she and her unlikely companions battle the forces of evil and insanity. However, the vampire blood running through Genevieve’s veins means she must constantly fight the urge to surrender to the evil within her.

The Vampire Genevieve collects together all the tales of Genevieve and her unlikely companions into one volume. It contains the three novels Drachenfels, Genevieve Undead, Beasts in Velvet, and the short story collection Silver Nails.


The bloodsucker told him her name. All of it. Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné.

“Yes,”she said at his involuntary start of recognition, “that one.”

“The vampire in the songs of Brave Oswald?”

She nodded in irritated confirmation.

“You killed Drachenfels.”

“No, I was there, though. Unconscious. I missed the big battle.”

from “Red Thirst”

Demon DownloadDemon Download

UK: Black Flame, 2005; PB. ISBN: 1844162362.
UK: Games Workshop, 1990; Trade PB. ISBN: 1872372066
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852835559

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A demonic computer virus is attempting to overrun the information networks of the world. Trooper Nathan Stack is a little out of his league, but Chantal Juillerat, computer hacker, martial arts expert, and nun, is there to even up the odds.


She got out, and walked over to the Preachermobile. It was quiet. The lases and opened it up like a tin-can, and the jerrybuilt robo-innards were spilling out. It was constructed like a centaur, with a robotic torso and head protruding from a conning tower. Its arms were still waving. The head was a sculptured, stylised representation of a handsome Nazi, with bue eyes and a blonde helmet of hair. She didn’t recognise it. The face was cracked, and biofluid was dribbling from one cheek.

Silver NailsSilver Nails

UK: Black Library, 2002; PB. ISBN: 0743443209.
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A short story collection, featuring “The Ignorant Armies” (from The Ignorant Armies), “Red Thirst” (from Red Thirst), “No Gold in the Grey Mountains” (from Wolf Riders), “Warhawk” (written at the time but not published; newly revised by Kim), and “The Ibby the Fish Factor” (an all-new Genevieve story that sees the return of many favourite characters from the previous three books).


A huge poster outside the Temple of Morr showed fearless vampire-slayer Antiochus Bland holding up an annoyed-looking, enormously-fanged and red-eyed severed head in triumph. A banner-line read ‘Death to the Dead!’ and an engraving which was supposed to look like spontaneous graffiti declared ‘ashes or under the ground!’ A stuffed black bat plaything with big red eyes and comical teeth was impaled against a board with a wooden spike, red paint splashed around the heart-wound, with dribbles artfully swirled to spell out ‘rule one: no leeches!’

from ‘The Ibby the Fish Factor’

Beasts in VelvetBeasts in Velvet

UK: Black Library, 2002; PB. ISBN: 1841542350.
London: Games Workshop Books, 1991; Trade PB. ISBN: 1872372384
London: Boxtree Ltd., 1994; PB. ISBN: 0752209698

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Altdorf, the capital city of the Empire, is being stalked by a Beast. Rich and poor alike are beseiged. It’s up to investigator “Filthy” Harald Kleindeinst, and the seer Rosanna Ophuls to discover who is the Beast, and to stop it.


In his years of wandering, Johann had come across a great many dead bodies in a great many states of abuse and decay. But this was the worst he had ever seen.

“Was it a woman?”

He couldn’t relate the remains to anything human, much less distinguish their sex.

Genevieve UndeadGenevieve Undead

UK: 2002, Black Library; PB. ISBN: 0743411773
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852838191

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The popular Genevieve Dieudonné, who first appeared in Drachenfels, gets the spotlight in these three linked novellas. This is set in Games Workshop’s role-playing world of Warhammer, and sees Genevieve journeying from Altdorf, to a cursed mansion, and finally on a Unicorn hunt.


“Always, she had kept herself apart from the Truly dead, those vampires who preyed on the living for pleasure. She had listened to them enthuse about their sport and felt superior to the grave-grown things with their foul breath and red eyes, faces set in beat’s snarls, clinging to their coffins and catacombs by day, gliding on the winds by night in search of juicy necks, relishing the fear they cast about them like a shroud.”


UK: 2001, Black Library; PB. ISBN: 1841541524
UK: Games Workshop, 1989; Trade PB. ISBN: 1855150018
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852838450

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Detlef Sierck, the greatest playwright in the Warhammer World, hopes to recreate the death of Drachenfels, the Great Enchanter on the stage, with the help of the vampire Genevieve. Unfortunately, the Dead have a habit of returning at inconvenient moments.


“An Adventure! That is what it had seemed when Oswald von Konigswald, eyes ablaze, had recruited her in the Crescent Moon. She had been working in the tavern at Altdorf, trading one drink for another, for a hundred years or so. Longevity brings a heavy burden of tedium. Genevieve, suspended eternally between life and death since the Dark Kiss, had been willing to do almost anything to relieve her boredom.”

Route 666Route 666

UK: Games Workshop, 1990; PB. ISBN: 187237203

A collection of short stories, edited by David Pringle, and featuring the short story, “Route 666”, the genesis of the later book of the same name. Other contributors: Myles Burnham, Brian Craig, William King, Neil Jones and Neil McIntosh.


“He had recognised the colours of his attackers. They were The Psychopomps, one of the mid-sized Western gangcults. Mostly girls. They favoured spiked heels, fishnet body-stockings, basques, glam make-up, stormcloud hairdos, painted fingernail implants, Russian pop music, Kray-Zee pills, random violence, facial mutilations and Kar-Tel Kustom Kars. Compared with the Maniax, the Clean or The Bible Belt, they were easy-goers. After all, they had only killed three of the resettlers.”

Orgy of the Blood ParasitesOrgy of the Blood Parasites

London: Pocket Books, 1994; PB. ISBN 0671851098

A university campus is affected when animal rights terrorists raid an experimental lab and release an intelligent virus that causes hideous mutations. The evil corporation sponsoring the research sends in a psychopathic SWAT team to deal with the situation. Lots of sex and violence ensue.


‘Fucking government,’ said Nick. ‘First they cut our grants, now they cut our throats.’

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