Horror: 100 Best Books

Horror: 100 Best Books

UK: Xanadu, 1988; HB. ISBN: 0947761373 (Limited Edition)Add to Goodreads
UK: Carroll & Graf, 1988; HB. ISBN: 0881844179
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1988; HB.
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1990; PB. ISBN: 0881845949
UK: NEL revised 1992
USA: Carroll & Graf; 1998; PB. ISBN-10: 0786705523 ISBN-13: 978-0786705528

Edited with Stephen Jones.

With a foreword by Ramsey Campbell.

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A collection of essays written by a hundred of the world’s top horror, science fiction and fantasy authors and critics on his or her favourite horror book.

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