Krokodil Tears

Krokodil Tears

UK: Games Workshop Books, 1990; Trade PB. ISBN:187237218xAdd to Goodreads
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852835605
UK: Black Flame, 2006; PB. ISBN-10: 1844163792 ISBN-13: 978-1844163793

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Dark Future #2

Krokodil is an ex-juvenile delinquent turned-cyborg killer, who’s also the host of an extra-dimensional entity. Many people want her dead, so they’re sending three assassins: a Californian Op, a psychopathic killer, and Jibbenainosay, a creature from the Outer Darkness.

What’s a gal to do?


Once she got her bearings, she could head for Dead Rat and get Doc Threadneedle to sort out her skullplates. Maybe she should invest in a few more elaborate bio-amendments. Her credit should be good.

Her wilderness years were over.

She wasn’t hallucinating any more, she knew. The voices were under control. She wouldn’t be seeing any dead women getting out of their rocking chairs. Things were clear again.

She smiled, and her heart beat away the seconds, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

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