Demon Download

Demon Download

UK: Games Workshop, 1990; Trade PB. ISBN: 1872372066Add to Goodreads
UK: Boxtree Ltd., 1993; PB. ISBN: 1852835559
UK: Black Flame, 2005; PB. ISBN: 1844162362

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Dark Future #1

A demonic computer virus is attempting to overrun the information networks of the world. Trooper Nathan Stack is a little out of his league, but Chantal Juillerat, computer hacker, martial arts expert, and nun, is there to even up the odds.


She got out, and walked over to the Preachermobile. It was quiet. The lases and opened it up like a tin-can, and the jerrybuilt robo-innards were spilling out. It was constructed like a centaur, with a robotic torso and head protruding from a conning tower. Its arms were still waving. The head was a sculptured, stylised representation of a handsome Nazi, with bue eyes and a blonde helmet of hair. She didn’t recognise it. The face was cracked, and biofluid was dribbling from one cheek.

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