Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

UK: Simon & Schuster, 1990; HB. ISBN: 0671717219Add to Goodreads
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1991; HB. 088184781X
UK: Grafton, 1992; PB. ISBN: 058621366X
USA: Carroll & Graf, 1995; PB. ISBN: 0786702273
UK: Pocket Books, 1999; PB. ISBN: 067101031X
UK: Titan Books, 2014, PB. ISBN-10: 9781781165614 ISBN-13: 978-1781165614

The Titan Books edition of Bad Dreams also contains Orgy of the Blood Parasites under its original title of Bloody Students. The book also includes The Bad Dreams/Bloody Students Afterword which details how Kim’s early books were developed.

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Anne Nielson, an American journalist, comes to London to investigate the strange death of her sister. Soon, she becomes sucked into a netherworld of corruption and perversion and is hurtled toward a final confrontation where she has only the dead as allies.


“He was satisfied, glutted, complete. Beneath his helmet, the tangle of his hair, grey-streaked at dawn, was a match now for the purest sable. His lieutenants no longer remarked upon the changes in him. By now, they were used to his cycles and simply put his occasional youthful appearance down to sorcery.”

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