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Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem

Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem

Here’s a peek at Paul McCaffrey’s cover art for issue one of the first Anno Dracula comic miniseries, Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem.  It’s an all-new story, set mostly in London between the first two novels (Anno Dracula and The Bloody Red Baron).  More details here on Dread Central.  Our trio are the … Continue reading

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  • I'll be appearing along with artist Paul McCaffrey at a launch for Anno Dracula 1895 Seven Days in Mayhem at the Phoenix Arts Club on March 23.  Details here.   Thursday, 23 March 18:00 Launch of Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem comic book Thu, 23 March, 18:00 – 20:00 Phoenix Artist Club, 1 Phoenix St, London WC2H 8BU, UK (map) Kim Newman, Paul McCaffrey and Friends in Conversation To celebrate the launch of Kim Newman’s ANNO DRACULA #1, Titan Comics invites you to a very special event at The Phoenix Artists’ Club. Join Kim, artist Paul McCaffrey, editor David Leach, and host Chris Thompson for a live Q&A and an illustrated, interactive discussion about Anno Dracula himself, and how the comics were created. Tickets cost £7.50, available from TICKET SOURCE. Guests will receive an exclusive, very limited edition, signed pure art ‘Union Jack’ variant of Anno Dracula #1, created just for the event. Take time to have a drink at the bar, speak to Kim about his work, and browse a full range of Anno Dracula books and comics, available for purchase on the night!
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  • I've just read this fascinating artefact - the Icelandic version of Dracula, long thought to be a straight translation of the novel but now revealed as an entirely different book.  Powers of Darkness adds all sorts of oddities - including gorilla men, a possible Elisabeth Bathory character, Hammer-style Satanic rites under Castle Dracula and a political angle that brings out elements of Stoker stressed in my Anno Dracula series.  This Count – who uses the pseudonym Baron Szekely) has high-placed followers set to take advantage of his revolution, and explicitly talks up his vision of a society ruled by ‘the strong’).  ... as an early adaptation of Stoker, Powers does many major (and some trivial) things to Dracula later coincidentally followed by Murnau (changing Jonathan's name to Thomas), Deane/Balderston/Browning (introducing the Count into drawing rooms, changing the name Westenra to Western), Jimmy Sangster/Hammer (giving Dracula only one bride but making her an important character) and WD Richter (the women find Dracula on the beach at Whitby).  Editor Hans Corneel de Roos is more persuaded than I am that adaptor-translater Valdimar Asmundsson had access to Stoker's first notes for Dracula, but some elements from them show up in this version.  My guess is that Stoker just let the translator get on with it and didn't even know how much the text was changed in turning his novel into what was initially a newspaper serial running for over a year - at which point, with the story only just out of Castle Dracula, things get wrapped up incredibly quickly probably because everyone was getting tired of the bite-sized chunks of serial-style adventure.  Like Varney the Vampyre, Powers of Darkness feels as if it were being written by someone who didn't have easy access to all the previously-published episodes and therefore contradicts or changes things already established, even on big questions like who lives and who dies (Powers has a much bigger body count than Dracula). Here's an Amazon link.
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  • ... with exclusive variant cover.  At the Phoenix Arts Club, March 23.
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