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Four Kim Newman Books from Titan …

Four Kim Newman Books from Titan …


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  • Now out on homevideo platforms.
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  • My Screen Daily review of The Mercy is online.  See also my review of Crowhurst.
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  • Well, his shorts anyway. (more…)
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  • My notes on low-budget British film The Redeeming, which premieres at the Horror-on-Sea festival January 28th. (more…)
  • In US theatres from February 2nd - here are my notes from the Trieste S + F Festival.
  • My notes on the science fiction film, out on DVD January 29. (more…)
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  • A piece on Paul Bartel's film Death Race 2000, considered as an adaptation of Ib Melchior's short story 'The Racer'. (more…)
  • My notes on the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, due in UK cinemas February 2. (more…)
  • A piece on the 1958 killer brain picture Fiend Without a Face. (more…)
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  • My notes on the ghost story Cold Moon, due on UK DVD/digital download January 22. (more…)
  • My notes on the family feud horror farce, due in US cinemas January 18. (more…)
  • I appear in this bicentenary Frankenstein radio documentary hosted by Christopher Frayling.  It aired on Radio 4 on Saturday January 13th at 20.00, and is now on the BBC i-player for a time.  Listen now.
  • My notes on the new Liam Neeson movie. (more…)
  • Now out in selected theatres and VOD in the US ...
  • My notes on Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. (more…)
  • My notes on Ridley Scott's film. (more…)
  • My notes on the Churchill biopic, due in cinemas January 12. (more…)
  • Remember them?  Here are my notes. (more…)
  • My notes on the superhero skit, in US cinemas January 5. (more…)
  • ... on Letterboxd.  Start ticking off all the films in the Kim Newman's Video Dungeon book as you see them.  And marvel at the poster images. There's a similar listing for Nightmare Movies.
  • My notes on the 1932 film. (more…)
  • I thought I'd assemble my notes/reviews of the series in one handy place.  Here goes ... (more…)
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  • Posted over on Electric Sheep, as one of a series of extracts from my Video Dungeon book, is my piece on the amazing Bondsploitation spinoff OK Connery, starring Sean Connery's brother Neil.   And here's the catchy theme song.
  • My notes on the 2010 fantasy film. (more…)
  • My notes on the terrific B picture noir. (more…)
  • My notes on the tough noir. (more…)
  • My notes on the Japanese film Kyonyû doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5 (Big Tits Zombie 3D) (more…)

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