Binary 2

Binary 2

UK: Millennium Books, 2000; PB.Add to Goodreads
ISBN-10: 1857987608
ISBN-13: 978-1857987607

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This unusual diptych contains ‘The Vaccinator’ by Michael Marshall Smith. A hilarious SF/noir satire. A hitman, a scam and a group of aliens on the make in Florida.

And ‘Andy Warhol’s Dracula’ by Kim Newman. Part of Newman’s stunning alternate history Vampire epic this takes a vampire out of the shadows and into the self-regarding glare of a 1970’s New York peopled by characters from films and real life. (This story is the basis for the novel Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard.)


“The vampire in the white suit hooked her attention too.

For a moment, she was sure it was him, come back yet again, young and lethal, intent on murderous revenge.

She breathed the name, ‘Dracula.’ ”

From ‘Andy Warhol’s Dracula’

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