The Original Dr. Shade

The Original Dr. Shade

The Original Dr. Shade & Other Stories

UK: Pocket Books, 1994; PB.Add to Goodreads
ISBN-10: 0671715623
ISBN-13: 978-0671715625

With an introduction by Neil Gaiman.

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Table of Contents:

  • ‘D&D’
  • ‘Dreamers’
  • ‘Gargantuabots Vs the Nice Mice’
  • ‘The McCarthy Witch Hunt’
  • ‘The Man Who Collected Barker’
  • ‘Mother Hen’
  • ‘Mrs Vail’
  • ‘The Next-But-One Man’
  • ‘Organ Donors’
  • ‘The Original Dr Shade’
  • ‘Pamela’s Pursuit’
  • ‘Patricia’s Profession’
  • ‘SQPR’
  • ‘Twitch Technicolor’


Sally knew from experience and The Rockford Files that nothing was as simple as the commission she had accepted. She was being followed.

from “Mother Hen”

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