The Night Mayor returns

In April Titan Books in the UK and the USA are re-releasing Kim’s virtual noir novel, The Night Mayor (first published in 1989).

The Night Mayor

Here’s a taster of what it’s about:

In the near-future, old-fashioned movies, called “flatties”, have given way to computer-enhanced Dreams that directly expose audiences to the fantasies of professional Dreamers. The best-selling Dreams repeat the formulas of older mass media (soap opera, cops and robbers, etc.)

When infamous criminal Truro Daine escapes imprisonment, he flees into the City, an artificial world of his own creation, where he rules as the all-powerful Night Mayor. Famous dreamwriter Susan Bishopric, whose dream romance Vanessa Vail is up for a Rodney, is sent into the virtual City to join forces with fellow writer Tom Tunney, creator of the Richie Quick detective series, to wipe out Truro Daine.

But how do you hunt the Night Mayor in a city populated by a dense crowd of strangely familiar characters, where it’s always two-thirty in the morning, shots never kill, and the creator is omnipresent in every drop of falling rain…?

You can pre-order The Night Mayor at your local bookseller, or via Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

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One thought on “The Night Mayor returns

  1. Is any additional material included in the Night Mayor? Titan’s reprints of Kim’s books tend to include extra stories.

    Posted by Kevin | August 4, 2015, 10:08 pm

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