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Demon Download ready to upload

The reprint of Demon Download, the Dark Future novel by Kim’s alter-ego Jack Yeovil, is now available to buy on Amazon.co.uk.

Demon Download

Welcome to the 2020s. Multi-national corporations control the airwaves, the government and maybe even our own thoughts. Sinister religious cults are growing in power day by day, and politicians are little more than media celebrities. Meet Vatican hitwoman Chantal Juillerat. This tough, resourceful operative is drawn to the American midwest in her hunt for an insidious demon cult. But even she never expected a sinister plot involving a living computer virus, a possessed US Cavalry cruiser and a gun-toting priest.

Trapped inside a desert outpost commanded by an unhinged US Cavalry Captain Sister Chantal is going to have to hope her prayers get through.

About Maura McHugh

I'm a weird writer who lives in Galway, Ireland.


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