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Comeback Tour on sale

With the publication of Comeback Tour, all of the Dark Future books, written under the Jack Yeovil pen name, have been reprinted by Black Flame. Order it from Amazon.co.uk. Elvis Presley might not be a Colonel in the US Army anymore, but he’s got a reputation as being one of the toughest independent Sanctioned Ops … Continue reading

Krokodil Tears published

Krokodil Tears, the Dark Future novel by Kim’s alter-ego Jack Yeovil, has been re-printed by Black Flame for the first time since 1990. Order it from Amazon.co.uk. Krokodil is an ex-juvenile delinquent turned-cyborg killer, who’s also the host of an extra-dimensional entity. Many people want her dead, so they’re sending three assassins: a Californian Op, … Continue reading

Drive down Route 666

The reprint of Route 666, the Dark Future novel by Kim’s alter-ego Jack Yeovil, has been published by Black Flame. Order it from Amazon.co.uk. The meteoric rise of evangelist Elder Nguyen Seth may seem like a ray of hope in the darkness of the poisoned wastelands of the USA. To US Cavalry trooper Leona Tyree, … Continue reading

The Introduction of Genevieve is online

The introduction to the new omnibus, The Vampire Genevieve, written by Kim’s alias Jack Yeovil, is now online. It’s an excellent overview of Kim’s influences for Genevieve and her adventures, as well as documenting the story’s evolution.

Genevieve Dieudonné at large

Today the Black Library published The Vampire Genevieve, a 768-page collection of all the work featuring the character Genevieve Dieudonné. Order it from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com. Meet Genevieve Dieudonné. She’s beautiful, powerful, resourceful and courageous – and over four hundred years old. In the dark forests and cities of the Warhammer world, she and her … Continue reading