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Secret Inspirations

On io9 Kim writes about ‘What if Dracula won? The Secret Inspirations behind Anno Dracula‘.

Vampire reflections

Kim offers his thoughts on “Why Don’t Vampires Cast Reflections” on Empire Online.

Ten Inspirations

On blastr.com Kim explains the ‘10 vampire novels that helped inspire Anno Dracula‘. Here’s the list: The Vampyre, Dr John Polidori (1819) ‘Carmilla’ (in In a Glass Darkly), J. Sheridan LeFanu (1871) Dracula, Bram Stoker (1897) I Am Legend, Richard Matheson (1954) Doctors Wear Scarlet, Simon Raven (1960) ‘Salem’s Lot, Stephen King (1975) Interview With … Continue reading

Podcast of IFI panel discussion

In April Kim took part in a panel discussion at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin about Dracula‘s cinematic legacy. A podcast of the event is now available for those who wish to listen to the conversation.