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Your Daily Dracula – Trond Kirkvaag as Buffalo Bull, Noe Helt Annet (1985)

Your Daily Dracula – Trond Kirkvaag as Buffalo Bull, Noe Helt Annet (1985)

An obscure Norwegian comedy vampire film, full of semi-surreal silliness – but a bit too heavy on the obvious garlic, blood bank and toothache jokes.  After an odd information film opening about the manufacture of one of the biggest cakes in the world – setting up a much later slapstick punchline – we meet the childless Bull couple, whose lovemaking has brought down the ceiling.  A bat leaves a baby in a basket on their doorstep and they raise the child as their own.  At the christening ceremony, a rock n roll priest wants to call the baby Elvis – but puts the naming to a vote of the congregation, who decide the foundling should be called Buffalo Bull.  At five, played by adult Trond Kirkvaag, he’s full-grown and has painful fangs.  For about an hour, Buffalo has problems with his undiagnosed condition – he gets lockjaw if he bites too wide, fouls up his national service, gets sent to prison, falls in love with blonde Svalbard (Linn Stokke) – a funny first kiss shot has seasons pass and birds on strings twitter while the lovers smooch – but breaks away from her, and dies in a car crash after he’s bitten the female taxi driver (it’s never said what happens to her).  At his funeral, the coffin opens and formerly curly-haired blond Buffalo sits up wearing a Bela Lugosi black widow’s peak and a Christopher Lee black cape.  He abducts Svalbard in a parody of the climax of Dracula Has Risen From the Grave, and rides on a horse-drawn hearse with her through the streets of Oslo pursued by the cops.  He nearly consummates a vampire bite but his jaw locks again – she bops him with a pillow, and he dreams of being a not-funny comedian (no jokes here  Kirkvaag, of course, is a comedian) and getting splatted by one of the biggest cream pies in the world.  Knut Lystad and Lars Mjoen play various supporting roles – they also wrote the script with Kirkvaag; together, they’re known as KLM and made a ton of TV comedies together (notably the Brodrene Dal/Dal Brothers – who already met Dracula in a 1982 skit).  Directed by Morten Kolstad.

Here’s the whole film …


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