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Your Daily Dracula – Roberto Guzmán, Curado de Espantos (1992)

Your Daily Dracula – Roberto Guzmán, Curado de Espantos (1992)

Ten years before he played a comedy Dracula in Dracula Mascafierro, Mexican rubberface Roberto ‘Flaco’ Guzmán played a vampire ‘of the Dracula family’ in this slightly more lavish, but not terribly funny vampire picture.  Archaologists Magdalena Santos (Lina Santos) and Professor Solares (Claudio Sorel) discover a mummified vampire skeleton in a Mayan ruin – and unwisely remove the crucifix dagger stuck through its ribs, whereupon a reverse melting wax face turns (quite gloopy) into hangdog, moustachioed Guzmán.  The revived vampire decamps to the city to hang about in a disco and pounce on victims, recruiting a dwarf Igor (René Ruiz, aka Tun Tun) to serve as minion and dogsbody.  Magdalena consults a pair of comedy exorcists (Alfonso Zayas, César Bono) who make a hash of vampire killing and blunder through the film until a finale which is blatantly lifted from Woody Allen’s story ‘Count Dracula’ as the vampire confidently leaves his coffin at nightfall to prey on the unwary only to find out that there’s an eclipse and burn to death when it finishes.  The level of humour of low-ish … one victim mistakes the vampire for Batman (and some flying scenes parody of the Superman films) and the vampire laughs at a crucifix because he’s Jewish only to be terrorised by a swastika (and have a Bible shoved at his fangs).  There are a lot of borderline creepy bits where big-haired female cast members are shown in fetish underwear.  Written and directed by Adolfo Martinez Solares and Gilberto Martinez Solares.  Dwarf actor Reyes was in Chamber of Horrors and Under the Volcano.



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