FrightFest review – Sorry About the Demon

FrightFest review – Sorry About the Demon

A genial haunted house comedy from writer-director Emily Hagins (My Sucky Teen Romance).  As is often the case, the real villains are estate agents – when the Sellers family move into a property with an attached demon, they want to get the benefits of having a sweet new crib but not have little Grace (Presley Allard) possessed … so they move out for a while and let the place to slacker Will (John Michael Simpson), just chucked out of the apartment he shared with now ex-girlfriend Amy (Paige Evans), in the hope that the fiend will fixate on him instead of the little girl.  However, Will – who has an absurd job manning an after-hours helpline for a toothpaste whose salty new recipe is provoking record complaints – is almost too shiftless to be spooked … and his uptight best friend Patrick (Jeff McQuilty) tries to set him with with Aimee (Olivia Ducayen), who doesn’t work out as an Amy substitute but does have some minor occult skills.  It’s mostly a creepy farce, riffing on haunted home and demon possession movies with sly wit and an engaging mix of modern cynicism and a kindly attitude to characters that’s refreshing in an age where too many movies default to punishing people onscreen and in the audience.  The salt content of the toothpaste turns out to come in handy later in the demon infestation.

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