Film review – Morbius

My Sight & Sound review of Morbius is online.

October 1971 – the Comics Code ban on vampires lifts, and Marvel and DC have sort-of vampires bothering flagship characters. So where’s our Count Dragorin movie, then*?

*yes, I know his home planet sort of got mentioned on the last season of Supergirl.


One thought on “Film review – Morbius

  1. And a Tomb Of Dracula series, please. And a reboot of Sovereign of the Damned (use MCU as a Trojan Bat to get more Vamp sagas) … Digressing – have a fantasy of a Killraven flick, with it’s spaghetti and meatball Martians, or ApeSlayer Marvel UK loyalists … come ta think of it, shouldn’t we plucky Brits be whipping up a Cap Britain reeler, True believers?

    Posted by wmsagittarius | April 8, 2022, 3:42 am

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