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Your Daily Dracula – Claudio Martinez, Drakula Cantik (Beautiful Dracula) (2018)

Your Daily Dracula – Claudio Martinez, Drakula Cantik (Beautiful Dracula) (2018)

This Indonesian TV series follows Don Dracula, Monster High, Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School and Hotel Transylvania by depicting its Dracula (Claudio Martinez) as the concerned, overprotective father of a teenage daughter who is torn between monsterdom and normality.  It’s a youth-themed high school soap, with a tone similar to UK items like Young Dracula or Wolfblood, with an obvious debt to the Twilight saga, though it’s typically Indonesian in its frequent martial arts battles, and stretches to some comic moments that are almost in What We Do in the Shadows territory.  The set-up is that Rameses Dracula, who sports a natty waistcoat and occasional fangs/all-black eyes, is concerned that his daughter Clara (Raisya Bawazier) has reached her teens without showing any signs of being a vampire … and she’s also keen on getting away from his coven of all-in-black vampire flunkies and going to an ordinary high school, where she’s initially a bit of a klutz and the target of mean girls … but soon finds herself courted by Kevin (Ali Aseggaf), a normal kid who’s recently been bitten by a werewolf and is undergoing transformations, and a non-aligned vampire with great hair (Sehan Zack).  Dracula sends a trio of vampires (Dameaning Jasmine, Hanifah Alhasni, Christopher Arce) to disguise themselves as human and go to school to protect Clara, who picks up human best friends and a mean girl enemy Alea (Zee Dunker).

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