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FrightFest review – Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

My brief note on Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

This gothic/psychedelic mood piece has a Cattet-Forzani feel, though it’s also fairly slight – full of evocative images and memorable sounds, but much stronger on mood than anything like narrative.  Squabbling couple Eve (Anna Platen) and Gregor (Jeff Wilbusch) inherit a Bava-lit castle in the deep dark woods (there’s a Menliff family involved, as in Bava’s The Whip and the Flesh), and haunted by figures who drift through their space … but gradually the stasis of eternity gives way to a free-for-all party.  Too short to be too ennervating, but it is one of those movies were the highlight is the outro … finding all the cast and crew (including the caterer) posing for a screen credit while the (excellent) prog rock-style, song-based score is cranked up loud.  Co-written by Lili Villányi and director Kevin Kopacka.

Here’s the FrightFest listing.


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