Film review – Fatima

My Sight & Sound review of Fatima is online.


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  1. Long time friend Jackie kinda went off the deep end after her divorce and converted (via a flirtation with Katherine Kurtz’ Deryni books) to a very mystical form of Catholicism. In due time, before the civil war, she made a pilgrimage to Međugorje, where she is convinced that she saw, and photographed, the Blessed Virgin in the clouds, or so she said. When she showed these images to our long time friend Mike and me, we independently came to the conclusion that it was not, in fact, the Blessed Virgin, but was the Planter’s Peanut Guy. What He was doing hovering over Međugorje remains a mystery unless it was to tell people to eat more peanut butter.

    Posted by socrates17 | June 24, 2021, 2:15 pm

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