Your Daily Dracula – Other Media (theatre, radio, games, comics)



Your Daily Dracula – Other Media (theatre, ballet, magic, radio, games, comics)

Theatre, Ballet, Magic

Almost the Bride of Dracula (2008)

The Brides (1987) Sergei Ponomarenko and Marina Klimova

Dracula OnSTAGE (Youth Theatre, 1990s)

Dracula (Dracula A Chamber Musical) (1999) Juan Chioran

Dracula (2006) Art Maniac Theatre (Paris)

Dracula (Eugene Ballet Company, 2008)

Dracula (St Patrick High School Theatre Department, 2013).

Dracula (Westmont High School, 2016)

Dracula (Scranton Ballet) (2018) Colin Bolthouse

Dracula (Northern Ballet, 2020) Javier Torres (as Dracula), Rik Uto (as Old Dracula)

Dracula Come Into the Night (Dracula Come Into the Night, 2014)

Dracula Spectacula (1990) Pascal Anson as Dracula

Musical by Andrew Parr and John Gardiner.

Dracula The Panto


Dracula The Untold Story (2021)

Dracula – The Vampire That Bites Back – It’s a Thriller! (2015)


A Love That Bite (2013).  Deddy Corbuzier (an Indonesian TV presenter/stage magician)


Quiet, Please: ‘My Son John’ (1948)

Tales From Beyond the Pale: The Vampire Party

Tales From Beyond the Pale: Int. Coffin — Night.