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Dracula Cha Cha Cha – Dracula songs and pop videos



Dracula Cha Cha Cha – Dracula songs and pop videos

NB: many more to come … and I’ll break this up into several pages so it loads quicker …

‘The Addams Family’, Vic Mizzy

‘Altogether Ooky’, Bloodhound Gang


‘Anno Dracula’ (2001), Theatre des Vampires (NB: nothing to do with me)

‘Bad Dracula’, Red Velvet

‘Le Baiser du Vampire’, Swing Momes

‘The Ballad of Dwight Fry’, Alice Cooper

‘Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula’ (1959), The Diamonds

‘The Batty Bat’, The Count

‘Bela Lugosi’s Birthday’, Dreamboys

‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’, Bauhaus

‘Bite (No More a-Roving), music Colin Minchin – film by Kevin Jackson.

‘Bite (Pavane for a Vampire Queen), music Colin Minchin – film by Kevin Jackson.

‘Blacula (The Stalkwalk)’, Gene Page

‘Blacula’, The Crystalites

‘Blood and Roses’ (1962), Jean Prodromides

‘Blood for Dracula’, Claudio Gizzi

‘Bloodletting’, Concrete Blonde

‘Blues for Dracula’ (1958), Philly Joe Jones

‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Dracula’s Theme)’, Wojciech Kilar

‘Carmilla’ (1980), John English

‘Carmilla’, Theatre des Vampires

‘Carmilla’, Alex Gopher

‘Carmilla’, Louise Feron

‘Carmilla’, Kaya

‘Carmilla’, Bradley Jackson

‘Carmilla’, Golden Gardens

‘Carmilla’, Sweet Ermengarde

‘Carmilla’, Arcadia

‘Carmilla’, The Karnsteins

‘Carmilla’, Vanik

‘Carmilla’, Yura Hatsuki

‘Carmilla’, Carmilla and Her Invisible Monsters

‘Carmilla’, Popss

‘Carmilla’, Curse Breaker

‘Carmilla/Marcilla’, Moss

‘Carmilla’s Masque’, Dani Filth

‘Carmilla the First’, Flavia Requim

‘Carmilla’, The Green Pajamas

‘Carmilla’ (From The Moth Diaries), Lesley Barber

‘Carmilla’, Discipline

‘Carmilla’, Tourdeforce

‘Carmilla’, Blastema

‘Carmilla’, Robert Scott

‘Carmilla’, The Inferno Doll

‘Carmilla’, Toskar

‘Carmilla’, Dark Hertz Transmission

‘Carmilla’s Grave’, Spyro DarkLarus

‘Carmilla (She’s Got a Boyfriend)’, The Week Knights

‘Carmilla, the Rose Slayer’, Eiichiro Yanagi

‘Chase Vampire’, Sancho

‘Clammy’, Spike Jones (from Spooktacular)

‘Count Rapula’, Party of 2

‘Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys)’, Gerard McMann

‘Damned Vampire and Gothic Divine’, Tarja Turunen

‘Dance Along With Dracula (Doing the Drac)’ (1958), The Monstrosities

‘Dance in the Vampire Bund’, Kyuuketsui

‘Dance of the Vampires (Main Theme)’, Krysztof Komeda

‘Dark Angel’, Nosferatu

‘Dark Shadows’, Robert Cobert

‘Daughters of Darkness’ (1971), Francois de Roubaux

‘Daybreak’, Harry Nilsson

‘Dinner With Drac’ (1958), John Zacherle

‘Disco Dracula’ (1978), Alain Montpetit


‘Drac’s Back’, The Bollock Brothers

‘Drac the Knife’ (1964), Gene Moss

‘Dracula (Main Theme)’ (1958), James Bernard

‘Dracula (Main Title and Storm Sequence’ (1979), John Williams

‘Dracula’, Christine Pilzer

‘Dracula’ (1978), Iced Earth

‘Dracula’ (Gorillaz)

‘Dracula’ (2014), Red Light

‘Dracula’, Little Girl (Guardian Angel OST)

‘Dracula’ (2014), Bea Miller

‘Dracula’ (2016), f(x)

‘Dracula’ (2016)

‘Dracula’ (2018), Bakar

‘Dracula’ (2019), Max

‘Dracula’ (2019), Mystic Prophecy

‘Dracula (Main Theme)’ (2019), David Arnold and Michael Price

‘Dracula’ (2019), Alfons

‘Dracula’ (2020), King

‘Dracula’ (2020), T1419

‘Dracula AD 1972 (Main Theme)’ (1972), Mike Vickers

‘Dracula Blood’ (1978), Zombina and the Skeletones


‘Dracula Blues’ (2004), Alexandru Andries

‘Dracula Cha Cha Cha’ (1959), Bruno Martino

‘Dracula Cha Cha Cha’ (1959), Renato Rascel

‘Dracula Cha Cha Cha’, Henri Salvador

‘Dracula Cha Cha Cha’, Bob McFadden w Jack Hansen and the Transylvanians (lyrics by Rod McKuen)

‘Dracula Cha Cha Cha’, The Tango Saloon with Mike Patton

‘Dracula Disco’ (1977), Gerry Bribosia

‘Dracula Drag’ (1965), Dickie Goodman

‘Dracula Family’, Mogwai

‘Dracula From Houston’, Butthole Surfers

‘Dracula Goes Dreamy’, Hot Blood

‘Dracula, I Love You’, Tuca

‘Dracula Moon’, Joan Osborne

‘Dracula’s Casket’, Half Japanese

‘Dracula’s Castle’, Mike Sarne

‘Dracula’s Daughter’, Screaming Lord Sutch

‘Dracula’s Daughter’ (1974), Moutpiece

‘Dracula’s Daughter’, The Woggles

‘Dracula’s Lament’, Jason Segal

‘Dracula’s Lament’, Olivia Bee

‘Dracula’s Lament’, Jason Segal

‘Dracula Song’, Wins Deus

‘Dracula Song’, Dead Married

‘Dracula’s Tango’, Toto Coelo

‘Dracula’s Tango’, Zombina and the Skeletones

‘Dracula’s Theme’ (1964), The Ghouls

‘Dracula’s Theme’, Paulina Sorova

‘Dracula’s Wedding’, Outkast

‘Dracula Swing’, DJ Mibor

‘Dracula Untold (Main Theme), Ramin Djawadi

‘Dracula – Walking on Water’ (2015), Jorn Lande and Trond Holter

‘Dragula’, Rob Zombie


‘Elements’, Lindsey Stirling

‘Exhumed’, Dr Carmilla – on bandcamp

‘Fever’, The Cramps (as heard in Near Dark)

‘Le Frisson des Vampires’, Acanthus

‘Ghetto Vampire’, Chino XL

‘Ha Ha I Need Your Blood (Disco Dracula) (1980)

‘Hammer Horror’, Kate Bush

‘Hannah, Queen of the Vampires’, Orriel Smith


‘Heart’, Pet Shop Boys

‘He’s a Vampire’, Archie King

‘Hey Sister Vampire’, Cars Get Crushed

‘Hotel California’, Big Daddy

‘I Drink Blood’, Rocket From the Crypt

‘If I Was Your Vampire’, Marilyn Manson

‘I Get a Little Dracula’, Acoustic Fusion

‘I’m a Jazz Vampire’, Marion Harris

‘I’m a Jazz Vampire’, Aileen Stanley

‘I’m a Jazz Vampire’, Meredith Axelrod

‘It’s a Monster’s Holiday’, Buck Owens

‘It’s My Life’ (2013), Cezar

‘Killer Queen’, Queen

‘King Vlad’, The Meteors

‘Kiss of Death’, Carmilla

‘Lady Carmilla’, Umberto Iervolino, Marco Zanoni & Giulio Pirondini

‘Lady Eleanor’, Lindisfarne

‘The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires’, James Bernard/narration by Peter Cushing

‘Like a Vampire’, Catrien Maxwell

‘Looking for Dracula’ (1985), Charlotte Diamond

‘Love is Just a Heartbeat Away’, Gloria Gaynor

‘Love Song for a Vampire’, Annie Lennox

‘Love Song to a Vampire’, Steve Hackett

‘Love Will Have Its Sacrifices (Theme Song from Carmilla’), Soles

‘Lust for a Vampire Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Har’ (2012), Dani Rocks SwellMusik

‘Lust for a Vampyr’, I Monster

‘Lust for Blood’ (2013), Powerwolf

‘Mama Dracula’ (1980), Roy Budd

‘The Master’s Song’ – the breakout hit of the Dracula musical was the Renfield song …

‘The Master’s Song’, Sora Star

‘The Master’s Song’ (‘Das Lied vom Meister’)

‘May I Have this Dance?’, Reinaeiry

‘Mr Vampire’,

‘Miyu’s Song’, Kenji Kawaii

‘Moldavian Swing’, Vampire Pumpkins and Watermelons


‘Monster Christmas Mash’, The Christmas Party Players

‘Monster Holiday’ (1964), Lon Chaney Jr

‘Monster Mash’ (1964), Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and The Crypt Keeper Five

‘Monster Mash’, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’

‘Monster Mash’, Vincent Price

‘Monster Movie Ball’ (1959), Spike Jones

‘The Monsters Hop’ (1958), Bert Convy

‘Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)’ (2011), Stevie Nicks

‘The Munster Creep’, The Munsters

‘My Daddy is a Vampire’, The Meteors

‘My Son the Vampire’, Allan Sherman


‘The Night’, Voltaire (2016).  Animated by Daria Cohen.

‘Night of the Vampire’, The Moontrekkers

‘Night of the Vampire’, Roky Erickson

‘Nosferatu’, Blue Oyster Cult

‘Nosferatu’, Paul Roland

‘Nosferatu’, Blitzkid

‘Nosferatu’, Parov Stelar

‘Nosferatu’, Coroner

‘Nosferatu’, Evergrey


‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’, Popol Vuh

‘Party With the Dracula’, Kids Hut

‘People Are Strange’, Echo and the Bunnymen (from The Lost Boys)

‘1-800-CLOSE-UR-EYES’, Kim Dracula

‘The Peppermint Twist’, Boris Karloff

‘Redeemer’, The Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend, vocals – Jonathan Davis)

‘Rock Me Dracula (Suck Me Suck Me)’ Mokka

‘Rosario + Vampire’, Fuuin Kaijo

‘The Satanic Rites of Dracula’ (1973), James Cacavas

‘Scars of Dracula’ (1970), James Bernard

‘Screamin’ Ball at Dracula Hall’, The Duponts

‘Shadow of the Vampire (Main Title), Dan Jones

‘Silver Crucifix’, King Dude

‘Song of Carmilla’, Vocaloid Lily

‘Soul Dracula’ (1975), Hot Blood

‘Stanky Dracula’, Strange Lords

‘Stay Forever My Love’ (from Let’s Scare Jessica to Death)

‘Still Doll’, Kanon Wakeshima

‘Strange Love’ (1971), Tracy

‘Strange Love’ (from Lust for a Vampire)

‘Surf Dracula’, The Apemen

‘Sucker for Your Love’, B.A. Robertson

‘Swan Lake’ (from Dracula, 1931)

‘Sweet Dream’ (1981), Jethro Tull

‘Tanz der Vampire’, The Vampires of Dartmoore

‘Taste the Blood of Dracula’ (1969), James Bernard

‘Tomb of Dracula’. Seiji Yokoyama

‘Transylvanian Concubine’, Rasputina

‘Transylvania Twist’ (1963), Baron Daemon and the Vampires

‘Transylvania Twist’, Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett

‘Transylvania Twist’, Chuck Cirino

‘Turning Teeth’, Jesus and the Brides of Dracula

‘Twins of Evil (Theme)’, Harry Robinson

‘Two Lady Vamps’, The Vamps

‘The Two of Us’, Vincent Price and Boris Karloff


‘Vampir’, Sandra Haas

‘Vampire’, Blutengel

‘Vampire’, Antsy Pantsy

‘Vampire’, Zumas

‘Vampire’, Dominic Fike

‘Vampire’, Xandria

‘Vampire’, Nitemayor

‘Vampire’, Darth Blue

‘Vampire’, Mai Lan

‘Vampire’, 2 Chainz

‘Vampire Blues’, Neil Young

‘Vampire Circus’ (1972), David Whitaker

‘Vampire Circus’ (2003), La’cryme Christi

‘Vampire Circus’ (2004), Astrovamps

‘Vampire Circus’, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

‘Vampire Circus’, Lust for Blood

‘Vampire Circus’ (2012), Count Zee

‘Vampire Circus (Tiger Dance)’

‘Vampire Circus Dub’, Tino

‘Vampire Dance – This is How We Do It in Transylvania’, DJ Bonseye

‘Vampire Girl’, The Misfits

‘Vampire Life’, Super Kev

‘Vampire Love’, M/V

‘The Vampire Lovers (Theme)’, Harry Robinson

‘Vampire Love Story’, Jamma Desi

‘Vampire Racecourse’, The Sleepy Jackson

‘Vampire Rhapsody (from The Kiss of the Vampire’, James Bernard

‘Vampires’, John Carpenter

‘Vampires’, The Midnight

‘Vampires and Ghosts’, Neuromancer

‘Vampires Ball’, Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie

‘Vampires Don’t Exist’, Calabrese

‘Vampire’s Night Out’, Harley Poe

‘Vampire Song’, Aloa Input

‘Vampire Swing’, Edable Gray

‘Vampyros Lesbos’, Manfred Hübler & Siegfried Schwab

‘The Velvet Vampire’, Clancy B. Grass and Roger Dollarhide

‘Venus’, Shocking Blue

‘Victims of the Vampire’, Slaughter and the Dogs


‘Waiting for Your Love’, Yana Kay

‘Welcome to My Nightmare’, Alice Cooper (from The Muppet Show)

‘We’re Horrible, Horrible Men’, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi

‘The Window’, The Flying Lizards

‘Yesferatu’, Westerner

‘You’re Dead’, Norma Tanega

‘You’re Dead’, Harriers of Discord (theme from What We Do in the Shadows)


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