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Your Daily Dracula – Dracula père et fils (1976)

Christopher Lee, Dracula père et fils (1976)


One thought on “Your Daily Dracula – Dracula père et fils (1976)

  1. One attraction that makes this film appealing for me, is a scene apparently set in a ’70s airport. Few films I can think of offhand exploit the ‘biege gothic’ of Airports and Shopping Centres (Suspiria and Dawn of the Dead being obvious exceptions). As with gothic architecture, they are locations both beautiful and foreboding. Neutrality is frightening in it’s very blankness, and then theres the transit of souls, passing through, similar to hospitals and hotels, though latter two more sacrosanct … the Haunt’d Shoppe can be found in the forgotten recesses of the precincts – why there’s a whole 1960s mezzanine blocked off in Stretford Mall – period details intact, abandoned like Chernobyl … Just thought of a great example – opening of Scanners. I know there’s more, obvious ones, I’m sure, but my synapses aren’t firing like they used to …

    Posted by wmsagittarius | February 10, 2021, 3:06 am

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