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Your Daily Dracula – Nightlife (1989)

Ben Cross, Nightlife (1989) ‘I buried myself for one hundred years to get away from you, can’t you take the hint?’  A neatly‑written little vampire romance, with Maryam D’Abo looking suitably ethereal as a 19th Century girl revived in modern Mexico City, and torn between two lovers, one (Ben Cross), a glowering Dracula clone who relishes killing people, and the other a wisecracking Jewish doctor who convinces her that she is just suffering from a rare blood disease and needs treatment not a stake through the heart.  Made for American television, so don’t expect much in the way of sex, violence or special effects, but this gets by thanks to a stronger than usual storyline, sharp dialogue, cleverly‑chosen music and fine performances.  Some of the older blood bank jokes could have been dispensed with, but at least this shows some grit, wit and style.

Empire VHS release review.


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