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Your Daily Dracula – TV Guest shots …

Tonight’s Guest Star – Dracula (TV appearances).

Armacao Ilimitada – Drácula não morreu (1985).  Paulo Villaça.

As the World Turns (2005).  Brian Gaskill as B.J. Green as Dracula.

Dengeki Sentai Chenjiman: ‘Ojōsan wa Kyūketsuki’ (Strike Force Changeman: The Young Lady is a Vampire (1988) Eiji Maruyama as Dokyrura

Bigfoot and Wildboy: Return of the Vampire (1979) Deborah Ryan as ‘the Countess’

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: ‘Buffy vs Dracula’ (2000).  Rudolf Martin.

Burke’s Law: ‘Who Killed Purity Mather?’ (1963). Wally Cox as Count Carlo Szipesti.

Chōdenshi Baioman: ‘Purinsu no Yūrei?/’Osorubeki Chichi no Himitsu’ (Super Electron Bioman: ‘Prince’s Ghost’/’My Father’s Dreadful Secret’) (1984).  Kazuo Niibori.

Not much is made of it in the episode, but this features a team-up of Dracula and an array of Japanese monster/ghost archetypes, including Yuki Onna, the Woman of the Snows (as seen in Kwaidan).

Here’s a handy guide to Dracula’s presence in the extended Japanese superhero/robot franchise best known in the west as the Power Rangers.

Doctor Who: ‘The Chase’ (1965).  Malcolm Rogers.

The Evil Touch: ‘The Fans’ (1974).  Vic Morrow as Purvis Greene

Fantasy Island: ‘The Lady and the Longhorn/Vampire’ (1978).  Robert Reed as Leo Drake.

Get Smart: ‘Weekend Vampire’ (1965).  Martin Kosleck as Dr Drago.

Gilligan’s Island: ‘Up at Bat’ (1966).  Bob Denver as Gilligan as Dracula.

Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries: ‘The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula’ (1979).  Lorne Greene as Inspector Stavlin.

Hill Street Blues: ‘Film at Eleven’ (1981).  Tony Plana as Kevin Herman Dracula.

Homicide Life on the Streets ‘The Damage Done’ (1996).  Kevin Thigpen as Alonzo ‘Drak’ Fortunato.

Houdini & Doyle: ‘Strigoi’ (2016) Paul Ritter as Bram Stoker.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: ‘The Bat Cave Affair’ (1966), Martin Landau as Count Zark.

McCloud: ‘McCloud Meets Dracula’ (1977).  John Carradine as Loren Belasco.

Murder, She Wrote: ‘We’re Off to Kill the Wizard’ (1984). NB: it’s an oddity that this animatronic Dracula (who looks like guest star James Coco) is voiced by a Vincent Price impersonation rather than a Bela Lugosi takeoff – perhaps the Universal/Lugosi Jr lawsuit was ongoing at the time. Episode also features young Joaquin (then Leaf) Phoenix and his sister Summer.

Night Gallery: ‘A Matter of Semantics’ (1971).  Cesar Romero.

Night Gallery: ‘The Devil is Not Mocked’ (1971).  Francis Lederer.

Les Nouvelles Brigades du Tigre: ‘Le Vampire des Karpates’ (1982).

Spongebob Squarepants: ‘Graveyard Shift’ (2002), ‘The Night Patty’ (2018).  Max Schreck as Nosferatu.

A guide to Nosferatu in the Spongebobverse.

Superboy: ‘Young Dracula’ (1989).  Lloyd Bochner.