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Your Daily Dracula – TV Guest shots …

Tonight’s Guest Star – Dracula (TV appearances).

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: ‘The Greatest Monster of Them All’ (1961) Richard Hale as Ernst von Croft

Aqua Teen Hunger Force ‘Bus of the Undead’ (2001) Don Kennedy in ‘Assisted Living Dracula’

Armacao Ilimitada: ‘Drácula não morreu’ (1985).  Paulo Villaça.

As the World Turns (2005).  Brian Gaskill as B.J. Green as Dracula.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: ‘Spatula, Prinze of Dorkness’ (1990)

The Avengers: ‘Epic’ (1967) Peter Wyngarde as ‘Stewart Kirby’

Batoru Fībā Jei: ‘Namida! Daian Taoru’( Battle Fever J: ‘Tears! Diane Falls’) (1979) Eisuke Yoda as Dracula Monster

The Beatles: ‘Misery’ (1965)

Bigfoot and Wildboy: ‘Return of the Vampire’ (1979) Deborah Ryan as ‘the Countess’

B.J. and the Bear: ‘A Coffin With a View’ (1979).  Foster Brooks as Dracula.  With George Lazenby as ‘Paul Desmond’ and John Carradine as ‘Transylvanian Caretaker’.


Black Jack 21: ‘Pinoko’s Exam Diary’ (2006).  Why has the Dracula of Don Dracula working as a high school principal? It’s an in-joke by manga creator Tezuka Osamu, who liked to interlink his properties.  In the Black Jack 21 episode, no one asks why the bureaucrat has fangs and pointed ears?

Brødrene Dal (1982)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: ‘Space Vampire’ (1980) Nicholas Hormann

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: ‘Buffy vs Dracula’ (2000).  Rudolf Martin.

Burke’s Law: ‘Who Killed Purity Mather?’ (1963). Wally Cox as Count Carlo Szipesti.

Chōdenshi Baioman: ‘Purinsu no Yūrei?/’Osorubeki Chichi no Himitsu’ (Super Electron Bioman: ‘Prince’s Ghost’/’My Father’s Dreadful Secret’) (1984).  Kazuo Niibori.

Not much is made of it in the episode, but this features a team-up of Dracula and an array of Japanese monster/ghost archetypes, including Yuki Onna, the Woman of the Snows (as seen in Kwaidan).

Here’s a handy guide to Dracula’s presence in the extended Japanese superhero/robot franchise best known in the west as the Power Rangers.

Classic Alice The Bridal Path: Dracula (2015)

Crown Court: ‘The Death of Dracula’ (1973)

Cyberchase ‘Castleblanca’ (2002)

DaVinci’s Demons: ‘The Devil’ (2013) Paul Rhys

Dengeki Sentai Chenjiman: ‘Ojōsan wa Kyūketsuki’ (Strike Force Changeman: The Young Lady is a Vampire (1988) Eiji Maruyama as Dokyrura



Doctors ‘Dracula’s Choice’ (2016) Adam Rickitt as Logan Flynn