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Your Daily Dracula – short films (with links, where possible)





By the way, makers of short films – if you’ve made a Dracula movie, feel free to post links in the comments section.

Blood for Dracula (2015) Douglas Zimmer

The Blood Sucking Dracula (2008).

Blood Thirst Dracula (2020) – directed by Venki El, who also plays Drake (Dracula)

Bone Mother (2018), directed by Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé, from a story by Maura McHugh.  Rafael Petardi as Prince Vladislav.

Caesar and Otto in the House of Dracula (2010), Caesar and Otto Meet Dracula’s Lawyer (2013).  Ed Dennehy as Steve Dracula.

Caesar and Otto Meet Dracula’s Lawyer (2016)

Count Chocula Countdown to Meltdown (2009)

Creep (Dracula Edition) (2012) Ethan Bloom.

Cryptomaniac (2010).  Mark Eilbeck.

Dan Nastro’s Dracula (2007), directed by Dan Nastro.  Clayton Boyd as Dracula.

Deploro (2019)

Dracbeth (2014), directed by Kevin Jackson.  Tobias Beer as Macbeth.

Dracula (1980) Brian Pedersen as Dracula

Dracula (2004)

Dracula (2008).  Megan Uhrinak as Dracula.

Dracula! (2013)

Dracula (2016) Animated by Polina Par

Dracula! www.Draw 3D.com (2018)

Dracula (2021), filmed by Darcy Sullivan, using the Edward Gorey Toy Theatre.  Robert Lloyd Parry as Dracula.

Dracula on Vines (2020) A lot of people seem to have had this idea simultaneously.

Dracula A Modern Adaptation (2014)

Dracula Bites the Big Apple (1979), directed by Richard Wenk (Vamp).  Peter Loewy as Dracula.

Dracula Dies for Us (2011), directed by Manuel G. Santiago.  Ricardo Sala Miguel as Dracula.

Dracula (Dracula Retold) (2016)

Dracula Innocence Lost (2015)

Dracula Lives (2006)

Dracula Lives On (2007) Chuck Halliday

Dracula Project (2008)