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Your Daily Dracula – comedians with fangs


Your Daily Dracula – Comedy turns – sketches, skits, cameos, etc.

Wilmer Ramírez, A Que Te Ríes – Las vampiras del Tío Willy en Halloween (2012). NB: this is from a Venezuelan comedy show.

Xander Armstrong and Ben Miller, The Armstrong and Miller Show (2010)

Benny Hill, The Benny Hill Show (1979)

Joe E. Ross, ‘Bilko’s Vampire’ Sergeant Bilko (1958). Peter Butterworth, Carry On Christmas (1970) Chris Fairbanks as Count Laffula, Conan (2020)

Peter Elbling as ‘Dragula’, Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1979).  The segment was based on a comic.

Ever wondered who was the first Van Helsing to play the role with a Dutch accent? Lynne Redgrave beat Laurence Olivier by some months in 1979. Jeff Witzke, Dracula for President (2016).

Morgan Freeman, The Electric Company

The Creepy Creature

Bobby Lauher, The Ernie Kovacs Show (1961).

Marty Feldman, Every Home Should Have One (1970) Paul Whitehouse, The Fast Show

Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Dennis Price, Go for a Take (1972)

Charlie Callas, Hysterical (1983)

Jim Carrey, In Living Color (1992)

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Christopher Lee, The Magic Christian (1969)

Dana Carvey, The Master of Disguise (2002)


Dick Shawn, Mr & Mrs Dracula

Christopher Lee, One More Time (1970)

William Holden, Paris — When It Sizzles (1964)

Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In (1970)

Charles Hawtrey, Runaround

​Sinbad as Bram Stoker’s Blacula, Saturday Night Live (1992)

Darrell Hammond as Count Trumpula, Saturday Night Live (2004)

Jerry Nelson (1972-2012), Matt Vogel (2013- ) as The Count, Sesame Street

Don DeLuise as Dr Animal Cannibal Pizza, The Silence of the Hams (1994)

Brett Davis, The Special Without Brett Davis A Dracula Christmas (2015)


Bobby Lauher, Take a Good Look (1960)

Ted Danson as Count Cholesterol, Three Men and a Little Lady (1990).

Jon Pertwee, 3-2-1 (1985)

Tommy Cooper, The Tommy Cooper Show