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Your Daily Dracula – Dear Dracula (2013)

Your Daily Dracula – Dear Dracula (2013) Ray Liotta A short (42m) CG animated kids’ movie.  Sam (voiced by Nathan Gamble), a mildly misfit kid whose best friend is a spider, wants a Dracula action figure rather than something more wholesome.  Grandma (Marion Ross) tells him to write to Santa, but Hallowe’en is sooner than Christmas so he writes to Dracula (Ray Liotta), who is hanging about his castle feeling sorry for himself because he’s not scary any more.

Encouraged by minion Mirroe (Emilio Estevez), the Count goes to whatever American suburb Sam lives in to brighten up his life … which means encouraging him to go to the party thrown by cute Emma (Ariel Winter), who likes a) monster movies and b) him.

The mean kid who bullies (well, patronises — this avoids anything too upsetting) Sam dresses as a sparkly vampire and Dracula hypnotises him into acting like a chicken.  That’s pretty much it for plot, though Dracula also wins a Best Costume prize as an ‘old school vampire’ and cheers up.

Very cheap-looking, with old shtick done at length and a clunkily designed Drac.  Still, over before it gets too painful.  Written by Brad Birch, based on a graphic novel; directed by Chad Van De Keere.

Extract from Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon.


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