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FrightFest review – Carroña (Scavenger)

Carroña (Scavenger)

In the future, things are going to be wretched – as usual.  A lot of bondage, slavery, rape, mutation, leather gimp suits, splatter, organ harvesting, snarling, gore-puking, spaghetti metal soundtrack, piercings, weaponry, dismemberment, general Mad Maxiness, pimped-up rusty cars, and tough ‘tude in bleached-out imagery, but not a lot in the way of plot and character.  Tisha (Nayla Churruarin), a resilient chick, has a very hard time around a wasteland bar, but then bloodily gets her own back as she slaughters her way along the vengeance trail in search of the scuzzbo who offed her happy family – though she’s got at least one nasty surprise in store, which would be guessable if a mystery angle weren’t introduced about a minute before the twist solution is revealed.  This brief, low-budget Argentine film at least has picturesque ravaged landscapes, especially when it gets out into the flatlands, though it feels a lot like a DIY George Miller tribute act.  The music is excellent.  Directed by Eric Fleitas and Luciana Garraza, who co-wrote with Sheila Fentana.


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