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FrightFest review – Crímenes Impossibles (Impossible Crimes)

My notes on Crímenes Impossibles (Impossible Crimes).

Cop Lorenzo (Federico Bal) investigates a series of ‘impossible crimes’ – people murdered by apparently supernatural means – and is stuck with Caterina (Sofia del Tuffo), a young nun who seems to have such a psychic connection with the case that she more or less confesses.  It’s plain from the outset that this case is going to cut close to home, in that several of the victims were involved in a car accident in which Lorenzo lost his family – though the fact that we make that connection but he doesn’t is a major clue that not only is this mystery not the paranormal policier it seems to be but that it’s not the scenario you’d guess second either … though it does loosely fall into that category of film (Jacob’s Ladder, Serenity, The Mothman Prophecies, Angel Heart) where an angst-ridden protagonist starts to notice loose threads in his everyday reality and unwisely (but necessarily) pulls on them, causing the whole fabric of reality to unravel.  What starts as a regular crime investigation with a possible demon culprit turns into an exploration of the fractured psyche of a soul in torment.  It’s well-acted, if visually on the sombre side.  Unusually for a contemporary horror film, the Catholic Church comes off pretty well.


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