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Trieste S+F review – A Trip to Mars (1918)

My notes on Himmelskibet (A Trip to Mars) (1918) Advertisements

Trieste S+F review – His Master’s Voice

My notes on Az Hur Hangja (His Master’s Voice)

FrightFest review – Await Further Instructions

Originally posted on The Kim Newman Web Site:
My notes on Await Further Instructions A good, old-fashioned, uncomfortable family Christmas turns into a Twilight Zone nightmare in this impressive hothouse horror/science fiction film.  Johnny Kervorkian directed the excellent, low-key council estate ghost/vampire movie The Disappeared (2008), and again melds genre elements with state-of-the-nation business here,…

Trieste S+F review – The Year of the Plague

My notes on El Año de la Plaga (The Year of the Plague)