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FrightFest Glasgow review – O Animal Cordial (The Friendly Beast)

My notes on the thriller O Animal Cordial (The Friendly Beast) Advertisements

FrightFest Glasgow review – Pyewacket

An effective, small-scale supernatural-psychological drama rooted in credible, uncaricatured teen angst and a sense of ancient woodland evil.  After the death of her father, protagonist Leah Reyes (Nicole Munoz) is drawn to what her mother (Laurie Holden) dismisses as ‘occult crap’.  When Mrs Reyes summarily sells the family home and moves ‘North’ to a house … Continue reading

FrightFest Glasgow review – Errementari (The Blacksmith and the Devil)

My notes on the Basque tall tale Errementari (The Blacksmith and the Devil).

Trieste S+F film review – Cold Skin

Originally posted on The Kim Newman Web Site:
My notes on Xavier Gens’ film. In 1914, after the assassination of the Archduke but before the declarations of war, a ‘weather official’ (David Oakes) is deposited on an island near the Antarctic to spend a pretty futile year studying the winds.  Vigelund, the man he is…

FrightFest Glasgow review – Primal Rage

My notes on the Bigfoot horror movie Primal Rage.