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Shock Xpress …

10 issues of the 1980s fanzine posted online.

An online archive includes the first ten issues of the magazine – edited by Dave Reeder and then Stefan Jaworzyn, published by Stephen Jones and David Sutton.  Later reincarnated as three books from Titan.  I did quite a bit of work for this scrappy, spiky, memorable, fondly-remembered little magazine.  Among many other contributors: Lucas Balbo, Clive Barker, Anne Billson, Ramsey Campbell, Les Daniels, Colin Davis, Nigel Floyd, Barry Forshaw, Neil Gaiman (want to know what he made of Invasion USA in 1986?), Kris Gilpin, Philip Godfrey, Greg Goodsell, Julian Grainger, Tim Greenwood, Ernest Harris, Richard Hollis, Shaun Hutson, Alan Jones, David Kerekes, Hugh Lamb, Craig Ledbetter, Nigel Matheson, Phil Nutman, Barrie Pattison, Julian Petley, Steve Puchalski, Ed Senior, Geoff Sim, David Taylor, Steve Thrower.  Reading the 1980s print in these online scans isn’t the optimal way to enjoy the zine, but it’s long out of print and hard to find, so this might be your best shot at it.  Fans will fondly remember the lively letter column (‘who rattled your cage, peabrain?’).


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